Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle of the Eyelash Curlers

In this haul post here you will see that I finally bought a new eyelash curler. I had my old one for a couple of years now & it was time for a new one since I never really liked that one haha. It dug into the corner of my eyes, leaving marks in my eyeshadow that I had to fix. Soo annoying haha.
I wanted to do a quick review/ comparison of them both which I hope will be helpful to somebody, even if they are random brands haha.
L-R: Models Prefer, Elite Professional.
The one on the left is my new one & the one on the left is (obviously, ha) my old eyelash curler. You can see that the MP is longer but not as chunky, which I think would be better to fit in a smaller makeup bag since it wouldn't take up as much room, if you get what I mean.
Sorry for the Elite one for being so gross! I had replaced the pads on it a little while ago after I finally found some hiding, so before that it was even worse.
Can you see how the EP one is more curved & shorter on the curler part than MP which is longer & less curved so it fits around my eye better, & gets all of my eyelashes in unlike EP. I hope that you can see what I mean & that I don't sound like a crazy person, haha.
*excuse the naked brows & unfinished eye makeup*
Maybe you can see it here, how much better the MP curler (on the right) fits my eye & doesn't dig in- although it kinda looks like it is, it isn't. It was awkward to take these pics btw haha
I added a mascara primer so you could see my eyelashes, I held them both on for about 15 seconds, & the MP curled my lashes a lot more especially the ones on the outside.

So I have to say that I quite like the Model's Prefer eyelash curler, but since I have not tried any popular brands like the E.L.F one which is meant to be good (I imagine it being like the MP one) or the oh-so-famous Shu Umera Eyelash curler I cannot compare it to them, but I hope that I can help somebody :)

EDIT: I made this post a few days ago & I have to add: don't squeeze too hard when curling!! It snapped on my eye lashes and is now broken :( :( Ohwell, I guess I will have to try the E.L.F curler!!

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