Sunday, November 27, 2011

Neutral with a kick

Firstly a hello & thank you to the new followers!!
Haha I'm so lazy.. I have to edit my pictures all at once, & by then I may as well just post them all together. Its a lot easier haha :) Again they are neutrals, I haven't been too inspired with colour lately except for a few looks now & then. On to the pics!!

Hair colour no flash no sunlight
hair colour in the sunlight :)
Products: Stila Kitten
UD Smog
A bit of Creep on top of the black e/l I think
blush is... awwwh I wish I wrote it down.. I think its Nyx peach blush
Nyx strawberry milk

Sleek Storm- Lightest Colour
Bronze colour over the top (so pretty much the same as my summer fresh look)
Coppery colour from the sleek palette in the outer V
The naked looking colour in the crease
Random purple e/l I got from ebay agess ago
Cheeks.. duno, haha not helpful I know sorry!
Lips are probably Rimmel Shocking Pink

Wearing a bump it... a bit hard to see here. I didn't have it far back enough for most of the day whoops
Nyx Vanilla Shimmer
Brown from 88 warm palette in crease
Nyx Black Bean JEP
Unsure of cheeks sorry
Nyx Chloe

as always thank you for looking!! Hope you've all had a good weekend.


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