Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makeup & Hair Essentials Haul + more :)

When going to Perth for a weekend, one thing is guaranteed: Shopping! Since I don't get to do it too often I take advantage, and it had been a good 6 months since we last went up haha. I have named this my makeup essential haul since most of the makeup i bought is what I call "practical"- no fun eyeshadow's & lipsticks, but things I need. haha if you get what I mean.

I got all of this from Priceline. They have a huge section of this makeup brand called Models Prefer & I liked the look of their stuff & tested it a bit. Its reasonably priced too.
1: Models Prefer eyelash curler. I needed a new one badly, my other one didn't seem to fit the shape of my eye properly but this does. Review to come soon. I think I may just chuck all of the same brand into one big review lol.

2: Models Prefer brush cleaner. I've needed one of these for a very long time too. Unfortunately, when I got home I found the bottle didn't squirt properly :( So I have to open it & tip a tiny bit of it onto a paper towel when I want to use it. It still works fine & dries quickly, however I don't think you *need* to purchase a brush cleaner, as it only has 2 ingredients you could make it yourself: Isopropyl Alcohol & fragrance, even though it just smells like alcohol to me haha.
3:TRESemme heat protector spray. Just a back-up, if i ever run out of my other bottle haha
Models Prefer Illuminator, Models Prefer Concealer in medium. The illuminator gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin. I'll let you know if I use it in a FOTD soon. I tried the concealer at the shop, It says its for fine lines (which I don't have.. yet) & for dark circles, but it felt really nice, the colour blended in & it isn't drying, which is important for me, so its a hit!


Face Of Australia Eye Primers in Matte + Shimmer.
I've used these once, it did help bring out the 'matteness' or the shimmer in the eye shadow's, but it didn't last as long as TFSI does for me. I will bring you a proper review soon.

7: Bourjois E/S (04) & Blush (34 Rose D'or)

They had a special, buy one eyeshadow or blush from Bourjois & get the second one free (they are $20 each). Since I love my other blush I knew I wanted to get another one. I have also wanted the black e/s for ages, however I don't think they had it & it was hard to tell if this was black or not. It looks sort of purple,  & it has shimmers. I haven't used it properly yet but again I'll let you know when I do.

8: Glam Nails Nail Art pen in Hot Pink
I haven't used this properly except on semi dried nails so that didn't work too well lol but let me tell you it took soo long for any colour to come out. It says to press on your hand until it does, but I did it on my nail because the tip is soo sharp & eventually some came out. It also came with stencils so I'll use it with them to show you! I only got one colour to try it out but if I like it next time i'll buy more :)

Hair stuff
I also got these from priceline. The first one is a 3 in one curling set with a large curling barrel, small barrel & triple barrel (or deep waver). I have wanted a triple barrel for so long, but a few days before I got this I bought one on its own. Then when I saw this pack 2 days later for $10 less I knew I had to buy this, and try and sell my other one! If not I'm sure I can find someone to give it to, haha.
Models Prefer Travel Hair dryer + Straightener: This was another bargain for $22 & I have wanted one for a while, even though I don't travel that much, when I do it will save a lot of space in the luggage!

Rae Morris Express Makeup Book
As I was flicking through this book I wasn't going to get it, then when I saw how much I was saving, why the hell not?? As what someone said, even if I only read it once it will make a good coffee table book haha. But it has some good tips in it, even if I don't agree with *everything* haha

Novo Wedges

I saw these in the front display & knew I had to have them! They are gorgeous & so comfy, and they look so nice on.  A nice pair of wedges is definitely a staple!

So apart from that, I bought a lot of clothes, sandals & books, plus if you already read, I bought a laptop. I had to include a pic of the instructions it came with, I thought they were hilarious how simple & obvious they are that even a man can read them :P
 Oh I almost forgot, I got these back home from Woolworths (supermarket). I haven't used my beloved Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in so long due to trying other ones and I am really missing it, lol, so when I need more mascara I will be stocked for a little while.
They were only $10 instead of $18 which is what they usually are, so its a huge saving for me!!

So that's basically all the makeup & hair stuff I have bought recently to last me a while haha. Have you found any bargains lately you want to share?


  1. Gosh, I could never have such a concise essentials post!

  2. ahah, thanks, I think? But its only from what I had bought lol- this stuff isnt actually my essential stuff yet until I have tried them properly :)


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