Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Look

To be honest, I wish I was more excited about Christmas. I guess it's not the same when your all growned up :( haha :P

So I did this look inspired by this blogger here. Mine wasn't meant to be christmassy but I decided that it can be since I haven't done a festive look yet. However It's a copy more than an inspiration because I didn't want to change a thing.& I got compliments at work so I was happy with that :)

Ugh I could go into many things I want to improve, like mainly the eyeliner. I didn't mean to make the gold so thick & as it came out I didn't clean my brush enough so it mixed into the black but ohwells.

I also didn't want the yellow to be too outrageous so I added just a hint of it, & I wish I blended right to the eyeliner so it looked cleaner.
a tiny bit edited 
And most importantly, the inspiration pic
Haha that's enough of me picking out everything, here's what I used
Eyes: TFSI
120 palette: see picture
Maybelline Line Allure eyeliner
Coastal Scents gold gel eyeliner
Nyx gold glitter

Cheeks... hmm I don't think its important since I can barely see in the pics anyway.. plus I forgot :S
Lips are by David Jones.. Some orange lipstick.

Happy holidays to all!! Thank you for reading, commenting etc :)


  1. This reminds me of a Caribbean sunset! Oh how I want to go back there!

  2. This is so pretty! and very festive :D
    Have a wonderful christmas!

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  4. Gorgeous! You've got me all inspired! P.S. C'mon Xmas is still exciting no matter how old you are...think about the cool Xmas movies, yummy food, festive spirit/general feeling of only comes round once a year so enjoy it hun! x

  5. @angie thanks love!

    @mandy thank you hun, have a merry christmas too!

    @amy naww thank you :) I knowww I will be excited on the day! and it will be my first christmas from home too xx

  6. I love Dawn, she's so talented. I hope you show her this post, she would be really flattered, you did the look justice for sure. Great job - and I know what you mean about x-mas. Without any snow here, it just feels like a really long fall.

  7. thanks charlotte :)

    @meredith ooh thakns for reminding me I was going to do that haha :)
    thanks heaps :) I suppose if you were used to snow it would be weird!!

  8. nice eye makeup.ur choice of colors is fantastic


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