Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting there...

hey guys... ok so i know my blog is still new & i still really need to add more things to it..... but i'm gettin' a bit disheartened that i don't have that many followers b u t i know it all takes time & I need to try and remember how to do things like I used to on my old blogs lol.... anyway here are some things that i have planned that will be coming soon [not in this particular order].... :)

more FOTD's
race wear/ my outfit for a hen's night
my first MAC visit :D
fave items
88 warm palette + Essence of Beauty brushes review

& more..... so please stay tuned & I'll keep checking in on your blogs to see how you're going :)



  1. dont' get dishearted it had taken me months and months to get 50 followers and i know how sad it seems, but when you start building that blog with more posts and things on it. People will notice and start reading and following :)

    i'd be happy to mention your blog in a blog post of mine if you like that :) to help increase traffic to your site, even though i don't have that many followers myself :p

  2. I don't get that much traffic either, but hang in there, your blog is awesome, I'm sure more traffic will come along soon :o).

  3. @ amanda... aww thanks hun, i know i need to post more things but i need to find the time!! x

    @mandy... aww thanks huni, when i start to post more in it i'll let you know if you could please do the post then it would be much appreciated :) x

  4. Aw, I just created a blog, and I don't have any followers! But I'm sure they will come in time. Anyways, you have a really cute blog - I followed. You can check mine out if you like:

  5. no worries just give me a buzz when you would like to be posted about :)
    i'm always here to help out


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