Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wearable Rainbow FOTD

Helloo everyone, this is a look i did the other day inspired by makeupgeek tv... hope you like! with some bonus photos.

120 palette- mixed green & blue, baby pink, purple, darker pink in crease with some orange in the inner crease
white shadow from 88 warm palette for highlight

NYX blush in peachy & taupe
Mix of NYX strawberry milk & random pink lipstick together

 and for something different i braided my own headband by taking a section of hair from behind both ears, dividing that into 2 sections & using a ribbon as a third section, then braided them together and pinned up over my head

bonus pics!
i'm house sitting for my aunty & here is her gorgeous Maltese shiht'zu (sp!? lol) Denis

thank you for looking!


  1. nice hair idea! and the dog is soooooooooooo cute!
    is that jacket you're wearing from Target?
    cos i have one that looks like that from Target :p

  2. Ohh is this the "Wearable Rainbow" look? Love it♥ Nice hair idea too :D


  3. @mandy thanks hun! yeah he's gorgeous & soo cheeky
    lol yeah it is hahah nice & comfy

    @candy apples.. yep thats the one i forgot the actual name of it and computer was going to slow for me to look up.... thank you!

  4. I love this look! Very pretty on you and the hair is really nice as well!

  5. You look very pretty! I like makeupgeektv as well and I think this look suits you!

  6. @cydonian... thank you hun!

    @liasbubbliebath... aww thanks!


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