Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eyeshadow on the lips, not on the hips.

soo the other sunday i was so bored & i didn't feel like doing my eyes up 'coz then i would feel the need for foundation. & i wasn't actually planning on leaving the house anyway so i thought that since i never really play with lipstick, why not! I wanted to try some things that were different for me, so i used eyeshadow.

Now I've tried to use eyeshadow before but it made my lips feel dry something cruel, so i made sure i put on lip balm beforehand. Another thing i never thought to try was to use a lipstick as a base, just like using a colour base on the eyes to bring out the colours. well it worked perfectly! it made the colours apply soo much more easily & i was very happy with the results.

For these i used the 120 palette but no lip liner so sorry for some of the bleeding.  also with the first one i tried to make my lip shape look a bit different but it didn't show up well in pictures.

top pics are with flash, bottom are natural light

It was too bad that you couldn't see the darker colours on the outside (i wanted a gradient-like effect) but it was weird how with the orange i had red but you cannot see it at all. And over the top of these i applied clear gloss carefully with a lip brush to avoid the colours mixing in together.

Thanks for reading, i think i will definitely be playing with different lip colours this summer!
x ashii


  1. Love the orange color on your lips!! Personally I like the look of it in natural lighting♥


  2. thank you! yeah me too its a good thing that's how you see it IRL lol



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