Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brigitte Bardot take 2; Day to Night look.

 Every now & then I check my stats & the one post that is always up the top is this Brigitte Bardot inspired makeup look I did a while back, although I cringe now but I feel that I have improved a lot, especially with my skin. :).


My hair looking lush, with a bit of help.
On the eyes I used Nyx chrome white pearl e/s with a bit of Stila Kitten all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease for definition & blended out with a lighter brown.
Eyeliner is Maybelline Eye studio liquid e/l (I think thats the name), however I dun goofed it up :(
Cheeks are looking like NYX pinky blush & lips are a mixture of Revlon Nude Attitude & CG lip perfection in kiss (love this combo! Revlon NA helps take out some of the frostiness of kiss)

Only just a few more pageview's for all time. haha

Had a party to go to & I had the worst time getting ready (burnt cheek while doing my hair, lots of frustration) but after all that trouble we didn't even stay for long. Ohwells.

Got my bitch face on. Whoops! I did my hair in a rush so it looks like crap.
So I prettymuch intensified the eyeliner with some of Fyrinnaes Immortal E/S, a gorgeous black glitter which reflects different colours. Its a bit hard to tell with these pics though. I used NYX black bean JEP on the lower lash line, & I used tape this time to get a sharper edge since I brought it out more & obviously used falsies. I used the same ones as I did with my first BB look (sadly, this was their last look with them, they died after I tried to look after them :( )
On my cheeks looks like NYX peach & Lips are NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo. Which made my lips look painfully dry in this look.

SO I know it is pretty much exactly the same as my first look but its a look I won't get sick of coz I think its super sexy.


  1. Um, this is super hot! I love love love the night look! Your liner/shadow is perfect! And I always love your hair! Gorgeous!

  2. This is so pretty! The shadow is soft and pretty, while the liner adds a bit of sexiness. :)

  3. Damn girl! I love that last look, the liner kicks a** and you look hot!! Love how you vamped up a basic look to something mind blowing!

  4. Love the eyes! Your makeup is gorgeous!!

    xoxo Lindsey

  5. the night look looks super hot and so do u :) ...gorgeous !!

  6. wow the night look is stunning! I love reading your blog and wanted to let you know I’m passing a blog award onto you! you deserve it, check it out x

  7. thanks so much for the wonderful comments, gals :D

  8. hey Ashii you have done a great job.The eye makeup for the party is simply gorgeous. You look beautiful and adorable.

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  9. HOLY SHIT! The night look is fucking sexy as hell. You rock the that 60's look so well. PLEASE make this your everyday look!?!?!

  10. @jenny thanks love.. are you aware of the spam at the end of each comment?

    @3 girls loll thank you, you sexy sing!!! If I don't know what else to do this is def a fave of mine... thanks again!!

  11. OMG! GORGEOUS!!!! I love the night time look!!


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