Monday, September 26, 2011

Organisation, at last!! ~ Pic heavy + long post~

So finally I can breathe while I'm doing my makeup, as at last I have obtained a bigger & better way to store my (small but sweet) stash. Well, its not small compared to the average person, but I have seen some beauty's posted on the web. Anyway, I took some before pictures, to show you how I had been living ha ha. And of course, the after pictures.

Before you see anything, don't hesitate to click on the pictures to get a better look & also, it looks a lot worse then what it is because of the mirror (Ok yeah, it was a huge ball of clutter, but still...)

Everything,sitting on top of my dressing table.I need my space!!!

I use a pencil organiser to hold my pencil eyeliners, lipliners, jumbo eye pencils and other colour stick bases. I keep my eye brushes in a white cup thing, I still want to find some little ball things that I can use to hold them upright that I don't need to buy online lol. Here is most of my lipsticks, kept in a very handy chocolate container. I don't know how I lived before I put them in here, but then I didn't own very many.

 I keep my face brushes in a cosmetic bag.
 Most used lip glosses/ balms, kept in a cute little bag which I wasn't sure what to use it for.
 A few smaller palettes that I use often. Here is Stila x2, Sleek, Wet n Wild, and Bourjois.

Blushes kept in another couple of chocolate containers.

 In the white hello kitty bag (hehe, that mum got from thailand a few years back) eye stuff,
Pink bag at the back, mostly face stuff, plus things I don't use too often & need to throw out!
Tiger print box underneath the pink bag, a random array of items that I forget about
Underneath the box in the container thing where I keep some concealer, foundation I don't use & my eye primer (I had to cut the end off of it lol but that's another story
I sit my bigger palettes (120, 88 warm, 28 neutral) & naked palette on top of the silver case.
Inside the silver case where I keep my e/s quads & such.
2nd shelf in the small bookshelf I have next to my dresser, forgotten lipglosses in the green bag, eyeliners just sitting there that I need to throw out (I am such a hoarder!!) some piggies in another choccy holder!! (these are from over the years, I promise!), in the pink easter basket is some NYX pigments, & in the back right corner is some eyelash stuff, & handy tape.

3rd shelf where I keep my hair accessories & brushes in a basket.

Holy molly I hope your computer is keeping up with all these pictures!! At long last we now come to....

Organized Clutter!!!

still a tad bit messy but looking better to me. I decided that I would still leave my brushes/ pencils/ lipsticks here because I use them all the time & I would only be moving them back & forth.
In my makeup bag, the essentials, & I mean it this time!

Pink bag, still a few things that need throwing out/ organizing
 Why hello there! We got some new trolleys at work, & I was allowed to take an old one home!!
There are side bits that I can open out & they have a little indent on both sides that fits my holders in perfectly without them moving around! Perfect if I needed to move my trolley to do makeup. Still undecided what to put on the top though or if I should leave it so it looks neater.
Top drawer, starting from the top left basket & going clockwise : Bronzers & highlighters, & then a few extra face stuff, & then obviously my blushes. I will move these into more baskets since they will hold the blushes better.
2nd drawer, my palettes moved over.
3rd drawer, single eye shadows' sorted out into loose & pressed.... well, almost lol. However in the bottom left basket is my liquid & gel eyeliners (excluding the pink square thing, IDK how that got there). Baskets fit perfectly!! I wasn't sure if they would so I only got a few.

4th drawer, main eyelash stuff & tape. Still not sure what else to add, but I may add more of my eyelashes even though I don't use them too often.

5th drawer, hair brushes, clips, bumpits, & wave wand.

Temporarily next to the trolley atm on the ground is the same basket with my headbands & stuff.
Bonus pics!
Next to the trolley on top of my white drawers, among the mess is where I keep my nail polishes.
 I keep my main/ new ones I use on top in a white box that got sent in the mail with nail polishes (thanks step MIL :)) Its a handy thing to keep them in, but not the prettiest lol.

Underneath that is some more nail stuff, that I should really go through haha.

So thank you for reading if you did (& I hope someone did 'coz that took me foreverrr *death glare*) hehe just kidding. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!! I'll be seeing you soon with more posts :)


  1. wow you have so much makeup!! great job on organizing :)

  2. thanks hun, i dont consider it too much tho heaps of it is old stuff that i cant bring myself to throw out lol


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