Sunday, September 4, 2011

New hair + Old FOTD

Hey guys! Sorry its been really hard to find time for blogging... still. :( I get my first TAFE package next week which will probably start with the basic stuff! So now that I am a student again... I have to do homework haha.
Oh I can't believe its september already..... & its spring now!! My hayfever has already gotten 10x worse in the past few days.. especially today.... but I still had a goood day, can't wait to share some pictures I took!!

So I've been working at the salon for 3 weeks now.... dyed my hair on the first day coz it was so overdue. Its a bit more different than usual, & looks a lot more redder in the sun, as always. I didn't get my blonde foils redone so where the colour has gone over it looks more pink!! hehe.

Pic with no sun or flash, silly face time!

Oh & just to let you know, I wasn't driving and taking pics.. the drivers seat is on the right in Aus coz we drive on the left (Just in case you didn't know... something new!)

Eyes- Blue from 120 palette
UD Half baked
UD Smog

At first I didn't like it so I went over the gold with another blue.. which turned it into a mess so I tried to put more gold over the top... and in the end once I had finished everything else I liked it.
So yeah.. nothing too special, but had to be shared. :D



  1. Beautiful! Love your new hair color!

  2. You look gorgeous! this hair color suits you very well :) xx

  3. wow- so bold and gorgeous!! You look great!

  4. Love the new hair colour as well! Very pretty!

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  6. Loving your new hair color!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. you look amazing in your new hair do.
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