Monday, September 5, 2011

Pics from my weekend

Lame & boring title haha but I wanted to share something about my town with y'all.
Long story short, there were some huge granite rocks that nobody really knew what to do with them, so they got sent to my town. So I guess that is when they decided to make a full scale replica of the Stonehenge in England. There was a bit of controversy about where they were placing it & why they were going it but a couple wanted to take it on & build it on their block not far from their house, which is about 15km out of town.

 Anyway, it was fathers day on Sunday & we had been out to lunch at the pub & randomly decided on the way home to go & have a look & take some pics, being the tourists we are :P Click pics to enlarge.

Doesn't look so big walking up...

SO comparing the size of a smaller stone.

Me, SO & brother in front of the tallest stones.

Don't know what these weird colours & shapes were from :S

Zoomed right in, island & beach in background

mmmm anyway thank you for looking!! If you ever happen to come near my neck of the woods then pop in for a visit :)


  1. Oh man, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Stonehenge. It just looks so cool and I love all the mystery and history behind it. Amazing post.

  2. How cool is this!? Thanks for sharing these pictures.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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