Friday, October 7, 2011

Rock Chick Glam FOTN + OOTN + Nails

 On the weekend my friend came down & it had been a while since I had seen her, so we planned a night of drinking & dancing.
I had been wanting to do just a full on smokey eye look for a while now but didn't have anywhere to wear it, and didn't want to wear it during the day haha. I added some glitter under the lower lashline & falsies to make it look more "glam". It was also meant to be more black then silver but I used slate JEP when I should have used black bean.
Something is missing... can you spot it lol

Emma (friends SIL/ one of my bosses) did my hair & I put on my falsies at her place. I usually have to get ready by myself so it was nice to have someone else do my hair :)
Eyes; Slate JEP, an array of black eyeshadows, smoked out with a bit of satin taupe. Nyx glitter liner in disco? on lash line with Fyrianne Immortality over the top (hint of glitter), White pearl to highlight.
Nyx silver glitter on the lower lash line (doesn't show up well in pics) JEP black bean for eyeliner, random ebay false eyelashes.
Cheeks: ELF fuchsia fusion
Lips: didn't look nice, but I don't mind since they wear off easily, Revlon Nude Attitude with CG lip perfection in kiss
OOTN: one shoulder dress with a ruffle on the front plus a waist belt & tights that I took off before we hit the pub.  Also wearing laced peep toe booties (can't see the details though oh well)
bonus pic with Lily, my aunties dog.
 Nails: they look a lot better from far away but its just a sparkly red nail polish with glitter black as a gradient. I had seen pics of blackened nail polish that look gorgeous but didn't know how to do it, but this turned out nicely.
Bonus pics:
 Glasses sitting on table (love them!! I wanted to steal them haha) Of course I had to take a snap with them on.
 uhh random pic i took haha... makeup looks nice here :)

With my lovely girl Nan in the nightclub

Sometimes my hair looked redder, I think its the flash, it also makes me look like a ghost :( lol

Anyway as always thanks for looking!
MWA xxx


  1. Hey this is Iris L from Mug, i miss seeing your posts on there! wow... i'm hopefully gonna try to create a blog in a month or so, i'll let you know :)

    Beautiful look, and outfit !

  2. hey iris, i have been meaning to post on there for a while now but have been wayy too busy with work to, bt i will probly post a bunch of older looks soon. thank u and i cant wait until youve got your blog set up!!!

  3. hey ashii your eyes look really beautiful.

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  4. you look stunning as always.

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  5. Gorgeous look!

    There's a little blog award for you on my blog xx

  6. Such a pretty look! And you look stunning :)

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  8. Looks like a fun night out!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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