Monday, September 12, 2011

Mostly Neutrals; Simple & Easy Work looks.

 I don't have much time at all in the morning for makeup anymore, some day's when I'm running late I will take it to work and do it there.... or I will do my hair there haha, and then I don't have time to take decent photos... but here are a few I did mainly in the first week. I choose to stick to neutrals 'coz I find that colours are easier to stuff up & don't look good if they are not blended properly... but with neutrals I find they are easier to blend. Anyhoo, here's a few looks.. I will try to remember what I have used!!
Eyes- UD Sidecar, Smog [?] Cheeks- I can't remember :( Lips- Bloom l/s in Honeysuckle.

Eyes- Gold pigment from now closed The She Space- Broken Rules. The Makeup Store e/l in Crazy Lazy. Some brown to blend out bronze. Cheeks- E.L.F Fushia Fusion. Lips- Nyx Strawberry Milk

Eyes- Bourjois Smokey Eyes quad- pretty much exactly the same products as this FOTD. Cheeks & Lips- can't remember unfortunately. I think the lips might be Nyx Fig though!

 Eyes- 28 Neutral Palette. Cheeks & Lips- Maybe FOA outback primrose blush & L/S I am not sure

Eyes- UD Sidecar, Buck & Hustle. Didn't turn out how I wanted but oh well. Make Up Store e/l in Go Wild (purple) Cheeks- Looks like ELF Peachy keen?? Lips- I'm pretty sure it was Australis Mineral Inject L/S In Salsa

Probablyyy my fave.... Eyes- Nyx Pearl Mania in Mocha, Nyx JEP in blackbean for e/l. Cheeks & Lips -Nyx peach blush & Revlon Candy Pink L/S

Thanks for looking sweethearts!! I have done more looks since then.. but like I said these are from my first week, but they're pretty boring or they have all been seen before & I don't take pics too often.

Hope to hear from you soon :D


  1. I'm starting school/work this week and need a lot of work appropriate makeup inspiration so this post is great. Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. I love all of them, especially that brown with the teal/green liner... gorgeous!

  3. thank you ladies for your comments...
    @meredith aww im glad that I may have given you some inspiration :)

    @cydonian thanks so much hun!!

  4. You're just gorgeous and I think all of these looks show that off beautifully!

  5. These are great subtle looks for work and school, thanks for sharing!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. naww thank you starryskies & marie :)


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