Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Technique Blush Brush

Real Technique brushes by Sam Chapman (One of the talented ladies behind pixiwoo) is available in Australia at selected Priceline stores. I had a look in a few but as far as I know it was available in the pharmacy's only, but it doesn't hurt to ask if. This retails for $9 (I think) in the US but I got mine for $25 which is a price I'd normally pay anyway so its NBD to me.
About the brush: It is super soft & fluffy for applying blush. It has a tapered end that is perfect for a light contour, not something I'd replace my contour brush with, however I'd use it for a light dusting of bronzer. As for using it for blush, I apply it on the side of the bristles, that way it is large enough for my cheeks & the blush is distributed nicely. Otherwise it can end up only on the apples of the cheeks, becoming hard to blend.

I like the handle on it, it is super sleek and feels nice to hold lol, and the bottom is rubbery and wider at the base so it's able to stand up on it's own if that's how you like to store your brushes, the only annoying thing is that it's harder to fit into my brush roll & it takes up more room. The handle is long enough so you can apply blush without pressure, which is what can lead to the appearance of clown cheeks so that's a good thing :P

As for the other real technique brushes you can get, I found Priceline didn't have the biggest selection. You can get the starter kits of $50 I think, but on the real technique's website they are only $18! I have heard you can buy them at iherb.com for a decent price and they ship overseas, the RT website also now sells them online but I couldn't see if they were international or not.

Overall I do recommend this brush, and I definitely want to purchase the eyes starter kit & setting brush when I have finished my no-buy, if I can last that long!! At the end of the day, the prices may be jacked up heaps here but it's better then nothing! :)

 Compared to the Eco Tools blush brush. You can see the shapes are totally different.
And since you've seen them, here are my NOTW :]
 Yes, my pinky nail broke and my ring finger is not far from the same destiny =/
I lovee this colour combo, It was a bit too orangey without the NP from FaceIt over the top, which gave it a nice peachy sheen. Don't get me wrong I love orange polish but it wasn't for my dress on the weekend lol.
The colours from L-R are C'est La Vie & OR202

Thanks for reading, I hope this was  usefull!


  1. Thanks for the post! I have the Ecotools blush brush and was deliberating whether I needed this one once my makeup ban is over, lol! xx

    1. Well I chose a great one to compare it too then haha I haven't used my eco tools one for a while but it was the best one I had for comparison

  2. that is a different shape than the blush brushes I have too. Great review!! :)

  3. This is great cant wait to check them out once im in Australia!

  4. i really have to try the real technique brush! it's affordable isnt it?

    btw, your nails look pretty!

  5. Thanks girls yep its a great price and great quality :)

  6. OMG THIS BRUSHHHHHH. Is the best thing. It just feels SO nice. I could put this brush all over my face without makeup just to feel it LOL. And it does all the work for you ahhh it's just the best. I am obsessed with the realtechniques face brushes. The only eye brushes worth having (IMO) are the blender ones, but the face ones are all worth it!

    1. haha I agree it is so damn soft I love it just for that alone lol. Ahh.. damn the blender ones where the ones I was going to get next but oh well thanks for letting me know!


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