Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winter Warmer Clothing buys

Of course I also bought clothes when I went away, although not as much as what I would like but my suitcase was already filled to the top & I had spent enough already :p
I wish I had a full length mirror to show the clothes properly, but you will have to envision them looking nice haha. I can't believe its august, which means that winter is nearly over (for the southern half of the earth, lol). The days have already started to get a tiny bit longer haha.

These first 3 items were purchased from Roads.

 $39.80- a great top that looks nice with just leggings (it covers the bum haha) but it definitely needs a black tank underneath as it has see-through parts. It's a little bit baggy but looks good with or without a belt around the waist. I love the colour too... it came in others as well.
 $39.80- doesn't look the nicest in this pic haha sorry. Looks nice worn with jeans or leggings, It's quite long & warm for a chilly breeze, but probably can be paired with some sort of jumper if it's any colder then that lol
 I've been wanting a sweater dress for soo long so I finally got one, and it was only $29. You can see it stretches out a far way but looks best with leggings. I'd recommend a long sleeved shirt underneath with the cap sleeves lol. But this is really warm, especially with the turtle neck.
Another bargain, $70 down from $120 at Amart. Although it doesn't snow here this would be perfect for it. And it's such a gorrrrgeous colour, they had a nice range!

I got these boots from Novo as they had their stock take clearance, $50 down from $90 woohoo! I've got a pair of boots in dark & light gray and finally black haha. I like the buckle up the top.
I've needed uggs for the longest time! These were $30 from Spendless and they're so fluffy on the inside. Perfect for the cold mornings & nights!

These aren't technically winter clothes but I bought them around the same time.
 $50 from Roads. A bit on trend with the peplum, haha. This is my first of them and I def. want more, they hide the tum real good lol. The lace is a nice touch too.
$40 from Spendless. I've wanted a pair of snakeskin shoes forever. I love these esp. as they're wedges so they're a lot more comfy then heels.

Thanks so much for looking, What has been your staple for this winter, or if you're in opposite land to me :P What have you been living in this summer?



  1. I am so in love with those wedges! I am in search of the perfect pair of snakeskin heals or boots! Not sure which yet lol!

  2. I looooove the dress and the heels, so glam!! so boring I am in maxi dresses all the time, I only get to have cute shoes lol!

  3. Thanks for the comments girls!

    @amalia aww I don't think that's boring at all!


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