Friday, July 20, 2012

A few old neutral looks!

Hey guys! These are from a little while ago now, sorry about that!! I think I will have to slow down on posting a bit again... not that I'm posting that much anyways :P I've got to focus on my study a whole lot more... but I promise I will have my reviews coming up from my haul, one at a time!!
So these are just some neutral-ish looks from as I said a whiiille ago. Hope you like!
Arabic Inspired
So this look kinda went with the flow, I would have loved to play around with the liner more, but just adding the white underneath made it feel Arabic. It was such a simple, easy look to do in the morning before work.

Makeup Geek E/S:
Glamorous (lid, lower lash line)
Sensuous (Crease, lower lash line)
Lancome Art liner
Nyx Milk JEP (under wing)

Lips: Nothing, haha I forgot to put something on before taking pictures.
A touch of gold
This is another quick makeup look, I had a limited time to do it in lol.
Random pigment for lids, similar to Stila Kitten
Bronzer in crease
Lancome Artliner
Coastal Scents Gold Gel eyeliner
Sugarpill Goldilux to set

BYS Lipstick- can't remember the name but if you wanna know I'll find it.
"Kim K inspired"
This look is based loosely on Tanya Burr aka Pixi2woo's lastest Kim Kardashian look, although mine looks nothing like hers lol. I pretty much never wear my lower lash line this dark but I don't mind it.

 Hair is yucky & crinkly haha.

 Lid: Mixture of Bootycall/ Half Baked/ Chopper [Naked 2] to try and achieve that Midnight Cowgirl look. I don't know if I achieved that but I still like how it looks.
Crease: Naked & Buck [Naked 1]
Highlight: Virgin [1]
Lower lashline/ waterline: UD Whiskey eyeliner.
BYS Gel eyeliner

Cheeks didn't show up much on camera lol but it's possibly Milani Luminoso and I cannot remember the lipstick but it could be Revlon Nude Attitude with Nyx Sugarpie l/g.

as always he followed me into the bathroom, and wanted cuddles:D
Thanks for looking!! Aand I promise I'll try to do the reviews as soon as I can :)

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  1. Gorgeous as always, dear! I love these looks. I can't wait to read the reviews :)

  2. i love these neutral looks! gonna have to try one of them. and u look gorgeous as always

  3. Great neutral looks and what a cute cat : )


  4. Ooh they're really pretty!

  5. All very pretty! Love your kitty, he is adorable!

  6. These looks are so gorgeous! I especially love the Arabic inspired.

  7. i love it, just like all of your looks

  8. I love this makeup. So beautifulllll as always! I had to go on a little (or big) hiatus for my studies as well. Good luck with your studying girl!

  9. all are very pretty! best wishes, and keep up all the good work!

  10. woah, i am looking through your pages and you are SO gorgeous! and i'm really in love with how you did this cat-eye look as well :)
    i used to wear eyeliner often, and i went a few months without it. now i'm terrible at applying it :( a perfect cat eye has been one thing i've always wanted to master!


  11. this look is so beautiful, your eyeshadow applications are so flawless :)

    hope you have a fab day hun ~ xx

  12. thank you all so much <3 sorry for the late reply but better late than never!


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