Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oops I hauled again.... ;)

Although I'm trying to use up old products, that is not stopping me from a-hauling, especially as we flew over to Adelaide for a long weekend, and I did not want to miss out on any makeup opportunities. And we're staying in Perth for a week, but I think I am happy with my finds now.
OH- as I was shopping, especially one day with my makeup addicted cousin (Ima bad influence, I got her started.... woopsie ;)) I came to the conclusion that I will be on a no buy from when I get home.. that way I will only focus on what I have. I was buying nail polish knowing I had ones at home that I haven't really used. But again, I'm not able to haul too often.
Enough rambling for now, lets get onto the haul!

I was shocked when I came across Inglot at Rundell Mall in Adelaide... I got so overwhelmed when I was in there I left empty handed but I knew I would regret it if I didn't get anything so I went back: :D
I don't know how much it is over in the US, but here the eye shadows were $10 each, and I got 3 in a freedom palette which was $11 extra for the palette, however if you have a z palette you can get away without one. They also had some things half priced so I also got a nail polish & lipstick.

I was blinded by the prettiness so I didn't stop to think if I had similar colours already. The middle one looks very similar to MUG's Razzleberry but I fell in love with the colour and didn't think about it. And the purple would look amazingg under a black base. Swatches will be another day! The numbers are L-R 465, 495, 439. Lipstick- 253. Nail polish- 801. To be honest I'm not a fan of the numbers, names are much easier to remember!
I don't really have any bright red nail polish, but this was from the sale bin for $7 so I *had* to pick it up. The lipstick is really pretty as well. Come to think of it, I probably have similar colours, but couldn't be bothered going through them :P

I was also amazed (mostly jealous, though) that they had 2 MAC counters in David Jones & Myers, plus another one somewhere else in Adelaide. Of course, it is $$$ as hale compared to everywhere else. But I am so so happy I bought what I did.
Dollymix blush, Contrast Eyeshadow, Viva Glam Nicki l/s (I'm in love!!!). The total of these 3 items - you may want to sit down- was $110. The blush costing the most at $41. Not something I'd like to spend everyday haha. But I am so glad I bought them. I actually used them all for one look which will be coming up soon yay :)
Viva Glam Nicki- Depending on the lighting, It looks like a muted pink here but other times it was neon! And it lasted almost all night throughout drinking.

You may have seen me mention it before, this shop sells affordable BYS, Chi Chi,  as well as reduced Revlon & Maybelline etc, their own brand of brushes & hair/ jewelery/ bags.
 1/2/3: BYS eyelashes 4: Hot lips tattoo... So wanted to give this a go! 5: Chi Chi nail polishes, BYS french tip nail guides 6: Chi Chi Eyeliner in Caribbean Queen, BYS eyeliner in Deep Purple, BYS Animal Instincts l/g in Grape. 7: Mary Kate & Ashley Glitter (this was free with an eyeshadow which I cannot find at the moment)
Edit: I also bought a neon eyeliner, a Gloss Professions straight eyeliner brush & a BYS stick concealer as a backup.
 I already have had similar eyelashes before but I've always liked the style and I know I'll use them. The 1st 2 are pretty much the same except the 2nd one has jewels on the outer corner. The names of these are Lash Envy, Starlette & Glitterazzi. It's hard to see in the picture but the third ones are sparkly. I have tried some before but they were really flimzy, but as you can see I've used the 3rd ones and they're a lot better. I'll have a proper review later.
I got these nail polishes for $3.95, in the colours Material Girl & Hissy Fit. I am looking forward to trying these out!!! EDIT: I'm wearing them now, really purple holographic colours but the purple is a PITA to apply.
I also swatched the eyeliners, lip gloss & MKA Glitter. The Chi Chi is a little bit more expensive at $13.95 but the BYS was $3.95 I believe? I received the lip gloss for free as a promotion (it's more smell & glitter than colour) I swatched the glitter horribly but when I saw it I thought of MACs reflex glitters -- not that I own any or know what they really look like lol.

 Priceline has some great things in at the moment, we basically ran around screaming LOL. My cousin and I were in heaven. Firstly, Real Technique by Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo, just in case you're not familiar) brushes are finally in Australia!! Of course they are overpriced. I got this blush brush for $22.90 (review coming soon). This was the last one left in this shop, they had a few kits for $50 - I think there were 6 brushes in it?- and some buffing brushes, but I was wanting a new blush brush and this was perfect.
Also- Ohemgeee Maybelline Color Tattoos are in! And I can't believe they're only $11.95. I got them in Tenacious Teal & Painted purple. I was actually going to buy TT online after seeing a recent Pixi2woo vid but I'm so glad I didn't!!
I also bought a nail polish by Savvy in Blue Bayou, an Australis lip & cheek stain in Da Vinci Peach on sale for $2.59 & a backup of my HG primer by Face of Australia.
EDIT: I also bought the colour tattoo in Audacious Asphalt, a backup Max Factor False Lash effect (normally $24.95, got it for $9.95!!) and a lime green nail polish from Models Prefer.
 Swatches of the tint and colour tattoos- when I swatched them on my hand in the shop they lasted all day, even with wiping lol. I hope it doesn't stain my eyes! I will swatch these again properly.


L-R Essence I <3 extreme volume mascara, Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base, Face it NP (actually from The Face Shop) in OR202, Sally Hansen Gem Crush NP in Lady Luck, Essence NP in C'est La Vie!, Rimmel Wake me up Foundation in soft beige.
It will be a while before I do a review of the Essence mascara & primer & the Rimmel Foundation as I have my project empty products to use. But I tested the foundation quickly and so far so good!

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions about any of these products LMK :) xx


  1. Oh wow lovely haul! Im so jealous of what you got! I really want to go to inglot and try their products!

  2. that's a great haul. I love the dollymix blush and I want to get it this weekend when I'm going to hamburg with my friend. Unfortanetly they have no Inglot store there :(

  3. Great haul! You got some lovely products :) xx

  4. Fabulous haul - It makes me want to go shopping again!

  5. Great haul i bought the 10 colour tattoo's and i LOVE them! the only thing that dissapointed me was the purple its such a pretty colour but i found the formula different to the others?really streaky,have you found that?I cant wait for IMATS ill be visiting the inglot stand for sure!Thanks for sharing you're fabulous haul :)

    1. Hey thanks for your comment! oh I haven't tried them properly yet but I'll let you know when I do... that's a shame, from what I've used of mine its been fine.... Ooh lucky you, I so want to go to IMATS one day!!

  6. OMG Whatta haul! Have you had time to do anything else lol!! The Inglot I went to was in Duesseldorf. I want to see ur new lip tattoos! And the foundation and the brushes and and and everything hehe! :)

    1. hahah I've barely had time to play with them :P As for the shopping, that didn't take up too much of the time but we were doing that anyway :P Yess of course, I will slowly be using these and posting about them :D
      Even though I'm not meant to use the foundation until I've used up my other stuff which will take foreveerr I may use it one day to try it out :)

  7. Great haul! love the lipstick swacthes

  8. Thanks lovelies for the comments, I can't wait to try them out properly and post about it! As for going to inglot, I soo wish I bought more now!!


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