Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sugarpill Triple Post; Darling in Hysterics

Sorry guys that I haven't been able to get on here much- I have so much study lately so I need to get my priorities straight, haha. Most of the looks I have lined up in my drafts are quite old so bare with me, and its way easier to group for posts.
With these looks I was just playing around with my Sugarpill eyeshadows, these looks were when I first got them so that means that I've had these sitting in my drafts for a loong time, lol.
~Look 1~

I love this eye & lip combo together, I think they are very jewel toned which compliments each other :)

-Nyx Milk JEP as a base
-Sugarpill Darling on inner lid
-Sugarpill Hysteric on outer lid
-Nyx E/S in Highlight blended in crease
-Maybelline Precise E/L

 I am unsure of the cheeks sorry, but the lipstick is Revlon Colorburst in Fuchsia.

This is such a simple way to apply eyeshadow, but I did it mainly to make sure I blended them together nicely :) Although I could have blended the edges better.

~Look 2~

I mixed this with a concealer to create a cream eyeshadow, as I learned from CamiGMakeup, however it did crease easily, but I could see that using a primer would prevent that (If I ever stray from TFSI & don't like a cheaper one I will devote it to that lol).
Also can you notice something else that I almost never do? Probably not lol, I took my liner right into the inner corner.

Sugarpill Loose E/S in Darling

Slightly darker blue from the 120 palette above Darling.
Can't remember which E/L I used, either Nyx Black Bean or Maybelline Line Allure (Pretty sure it was Line Allure)
Nyx White Pearl to highlight.
Black eyeshadow for the outer liner on the lower lash line.

Blush I think is E.L.F Peachykeen
Lips is Nyx Iris

~Look 3~

the product list for this will be quite simple as it was long ago and I can't remember properly.
-Nyx Milk JEP
-Sugarpill E/S in Hysterics
- Hot pink from 120 palette (Didn't turn out too well lol)
-Nyx Black Bean JEP (eyeliner)

-Cheeks may be NYX Peach blush
-Lips look like NYX soft matte lip creme in Tokyo



  1. Beautiful makeup!
    Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I just followed back!
    Please also check my AMAZING GIVEAWAY, it's a beautiful leather clutch:)

  2. Beautiful! Is your hair still red? I love it!

  3. thanks girls!

    @amalia yes it is :) well you could say that haha it depends on the light though!

  4. Gorgeous looks!
    I hardly ever take my eyeliner into the inner corner either haha, definitely suits you though :)

  5. wow!!! each look is so beautiful! you look amazing!!


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