Friday, April 27, 2012

New Hair, Sultry Naked 1 eyes.

I needed a change for my hair, although I loved the last colour it was time for something a bit different, so I got some balayage!
The hairdesser at the salon I work at wanted to try it for the first time and she did a good job. Otherwise, the base colour is not too different there's just a bit of pink in it too :)

The way it looks in the sun :)

 When we get a chance we are going to put a couple more foils in the front sections just to listen up a tiny bit more.. she didn't want to add too much just in case!
And for the makeup..
well I did have something else in mind but mine turned out nothing like the pic so I wont bother showing it lol, I'll try it again some other time. But I still like how this turned out

NYX JEP in Yoghurt
UD Naked 1:Toasted (Lid) Hustle (crease)
UD Naked 2: Snakebite (crease above Hustle) Bootycall (Highlight).
Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner
BYS Gel eyeliner

Cheeks: Bourjois blush in 34
All About Glo Bronzer

Nyx l/l Rose
Nyx l/s Harmonica
" " l/g Sugarpie
" " White Pearl (center of lips)

I wish toasted would come out as the colour it looks in the pan! It looks quite goldy here to me instead of pinky.
I've also started getting back into the habit of bronzer/ contouring again wooo even though it's getting into winter haha.

take care & thanks for looking xx


  1. I love your hair.. really suits you. x

  2. Hey sweetie! Hope you`ll visit my blog and maybe...we can follow each other?:X

  3. Love your hair colour :-)
    Pretty makeup too, you have lovely eyes,

    Holli x

  4. I have no idea what balayage is but your hair looks beautiful, you look quite exotic!

  5. Thanks ladies!
    @Amalia google & you;ll gt plenty of pictures haha, its pretty much the same as ombre hair, except I didn't go too extreme lol. Oooh do I?? haha :)

  6. love the new hair! colour is so nice! it suits you really well :)

  7. I love love love your hair color!

  8. You and your hair look SO SO gorgeous in that first picture! I've always wanted to try a deep red color but I'm worried about how it would fade out with my orange/brassy undertones.

    Just beautiful though!

  9. That hair color looks gorgeous on you! x

  10. absolutely love your hair color!! All your pics are so beautiful :)

  11. I quite like this mix of colors :)
    and such a gentle makeup very suits you :)

  12. thank you soo much lovely ladies!!

  13. you are super pretty and the color looks awesome! cute blog:)

  14. love the colour of your hair! :) x

  15. This hair is so perfect on you! I'm jealous, what a hottie!

    1. haha no girl your the hottie!! Thanks for the comment xx


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