Thursday, April 12, 2012

Naked 2 Smoky Eye, Pic Heavy!

Apologies in advanced if your computer runs slower when clicking on this post. I need to stop taking too many pics to choose from, its just so hard!! Haha.
This past weekend we went to a wedding & I knew I had to use my UD Naked 2 palette for a smokey eye, so here it is.

Natural light, bringing out the redness in my hair ahah.

Dont mind the armpit ;)

 -After TFSI, I used Nyx Cream Cheese JEP in the inner half & Essence Ballerina Backstage eye souffle in Black as bases & blended out with my fingers
- Urban Decay Naked 2 palette:
1. Verve 2. Pistol 3. Blackout 4. Snakebite 5. Bootycall
On the lower lashline I used blackout, blended out with snakebite & a bit of verve.
-Maybelline Master Precise e/l on top lash line, BYS gel e/l on the waterline.
-Red Cherry lashes #43

MAC Peachykeen blush
Coastal Scents 15 concealer palette to contour
Nyx Taupe Blush

My lips were so dry that after I added lipstick (Revlon Nude Attitude) I had to rub it off and add a heap of lipbalm.

Pat yourself on the back if you made it through all those photos!! I'm thinking of posting an eyebrow & eyeliner tutorial soon (when I can get around to it) so let me know if your interested in that. Especially since I've changed the way I do my eyeliner & I think its a huge improvement! yaay.

WAIT: one more picture.
My boy & I. That's it haha. :)


  1. Wow I love the lashes? Where on earth did you get naked 2??? aggh! And ur man has some bluuue eyes lol

  2. great look and blog :) now following :)

  3. thanks so much girls, sorry for the late reply.

    @amalia hun I made a post about it not to long ago, I got it from! free worldwide shipping too, I hope they send to your area!!

  4. pretty ! I follow you :)
    you looks like a doll <3

  5. Ooohh pretty! Which Naked palette do you like better?

    1. Thanks hun! <3
      ummm don't make me choose haha.. but if I had to pick just one, maybe the 2nd palette because of the different colour combos...... hmmm, yeah I'll just go with that haha.


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