Monday, April 23, 2012

How I fill in my eyebrows tutorial

Eyebrows are definitely one of the most important features on your face as it frames everything so if your eyebrows are untidy your makeup may not look as clean as what you would like. It is important to get them shaped by a professional especially the first time around, and to upkeep with tweezing the extra hairs that are coming through or with regular waxing.
You may also have sparse brows that look unfinished, and a way to add a more polished look is to fill them in. You can get your eyebrows tinted to your desired colour but that wont define the shape.

I'm not going to go into eyebrows shapes and all of that however I did want to share how I filled mine in. It is really quite simple and is just another step in the morning that I believe I cannot go without :) So here it is.


 At the moment I'm using an eyeshadow and a small angled brush to fill mine in, the e/s I'm using is the dark brown colour in the Sleek Storm palette which is darker than my natural eyebrow colour but not darker than my hair. I find if I get a bit heavy handed it can be too much, though. If you are blonde you do not want to go 10 shades darker than your hair, also be careful of ashy or redness in some browns.
 I used to use the ELF eyebrow kit in medium & as you can see it was well used, I like it because it has a wax that you apply first & then set with the powder. I'll definitely buy it again one day.
Optional: This is an eyebrow duo for highlighting and brightening (I only use the nude side for under my brows) Sorry for it looking a bit manky haha. You may also need concealer to clean up the edges if you wish.

 Here is my naked brow. And eyes & face! yaay. My eyelashes are sad :( lol.
 Using the angled brush & shadow follow the top of the brow making small. short strokes. You don't want to change the shape here or it will look unnatural.
Do the same for the bottom, however it is ok to fill in the first half before the arch thicker and make sure it thins off towards the end of the brow.

 Fill in the leftover areas in the middle, making sure to still use short feathering motions to mimic the hairs. You do not want it to look too harsh. For the start of the eyebrow I just filled it in towards the center, if that makes sense, so it doesn't turn boxy looking.
 So that is how it is looking so far. Use an eyebrow brush if needed to take away the harshness. Stop here if you are happy with the shape & lines.

I applied concealer around the edges here (unblended so you can see) that I will blend out for neatness. If you do your foundation before your brows (which makes sense lol) leave concealer for the end.
With that blended out I applied the nude brow pencil under the arch- It's hard to see because of the concealer and not wearing and eye makeup, but you can leave it as it is or apply a shadow highlight on top to suit your eye makeup look.

Please let me know if this was helpful, confusing or not explained properly! I would love to hear your feedback.

Remember to never forget about your eyebrows :D


  1. very pretty! I use e/s too. But that elf brow kit is what I call empty! haha XD

  2. Hahah yeah but actually half of the shadow on that duo crumbled and went everywhere :/ Haha

  3. such a helpful post. Thanks for sharing :) xx

  4. Thanks Sara, I'm glad you found it helpful!

  5. Quite nice. I do my eyebrows the same way, but am unable to use a powder because they are all lighter than my skin tone. I also use a spoolie to brush the start of the eyebrows to avoid it looking boxy. Great tutorial!

  6. Thank u! I did use a brush a little bit but I find I need some definition there so I don't want to take away the edges :)


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