Friday, April 20, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix + A couple more NOTW

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of posting once again. Here is just some recent nails from the past few weeks I though I've done more than this but maybe I haven't taken pics lol.

I used China Glaze Magnetix in Instant Chemistry. We are still playing around with these so the magnetic effect isn't as cool as the pictures in google lol but it takes getting used to. You buy the magnet separately which has 3 different patterns to choose from that you have to hold as close to the nail without touching it. But the overall effect is so cool!
Sorry for the messy cuticle edges & the splodge of gold on one! argh haha.

. This is the magnet & the patterns to choose from, taken from google. There are also quite a few different colours in this collection.

 I loove the way this green turned out! Its just from the chainstore sportsgirl & I added a blue glitter from BYS over the top. When I took this off I got it all over my fingers! haha
 This is just the same colourful nails as a few weeks back but was playing around with stamping plates which I think ties the look in together.
Sorry for the chipping, this is using a hot pink from Australis with a pink glitter over the top, it made me feel so girly I loved it! hehe.

Thanks for looking loves! Whats your fave nail combos? Or have you tried China Glaze Magnetix polish??


  1. The magnet polishes look really cool and the green glitter is STUNNING! I love green/blues on nails =)

  2. oops sorry if this is double but Your nails are so long! =) I love that magnet too it looks so cool!! You should help me out and do a post on stamping XD

  3. thanks @3girls blog :) I was totally in love with that green polish apart from taking it off afterwards!

    @amalia thanks hun haha they've only just started growing again because their always in water.... my right hand however apart from a few still break quite often though but I dont think nails have to be all the same size anyway :D
    I wish I could help with stamping but I did it with my step MIL-to-be so its not mine :( im sure theres plenty of videos on youtube though!


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