Monday, April 30, 2012

How to: Liquid Winged eyeliner.

I want to make a couple of different types of eyeliner tutorials, and since I've found a new way of doing my eyeliner I wanted to share this one first. So if you want to learn how I do my winged eyeliner keep on reading!

 The eyeliner that I used is Maybelline Master Precise. I really like it because the brush is very thin & easy to use, and easily buildable if you like your eyeliner a bit thicker. It also lasts alll day. Anyway there's more on that here. Another good one is Revlon Colorstay as it has a felt tip which is really good for beginners.

 Start from the middle of the lid using small strokes to the edge of the eye, keeping it as thin & close to the lashline as possible.
 Make a wing as long as you like from the top of the first line. I draw it on outwards.
 And then join another line up from the bottom of the first line, reaching to the tip of the second line, making a little triangle.
 Fill in the middle of the triangle and there is your wing.

Either leave it like that or draw in backwards from the wing onto the lashline, making the eyeliner as thick as you'd like. Taper the line into the lash line as you go inwards.
I decided to go right into the inner corner. If you do this you would want to keep this part of the liner the thinnest.

Voila and your done :D You can see what a big difference eyeliner makes. You can also see that one wing is pointed up a bit more than the other, but that's ok as long as it's not too noticeable. Your eyes are sisters not twins :P
Add eyeliner to the lower lashline if desired.

Lastly I tightlined (filled in the top waterline with gel eyeliner to get rid of the skin that you could still see- not as noticeable with mascara on) & added mascara to complete the look.
Remember you can play around, making the eyeliner as thick or thin, the wing as long or small as you like.

I hope this is useful to somebody, please let me know if this method works for you!!


  1. great! i love that.. love your eyes :) new follower!

  2. I like the liquid winged eyeliner, I'm definitely going to try it out myself.

    Nice blog!



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