Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haul: Bourjois, CG, Bloom. + NOTW & FOT-other day.

*exhales after saying long title* :P Anyhoo, the other day I had a look in a chemist that I barely ever go into & I saw that they had a huge display of Bourjois! So of course I went over & swatched about 20 different products onto my hand baha. They also had some of the Covergirl Lip Perfection colours but not a very huge colour selection. & then lastly as I went up to the counter I looked in the bargain bin & they had some really nice polishes for $5!!
The bag was free when you spent $30+ on Bourjois.

Bourjois: Smokey Eyes in Rose Vintage. Blush- 16 Rose.
 Quick Thoughts:
I wish I had bought a different colour from the smokey eyes e/s because I found these are preeety similar to UD Virgin, Sin & Hustle (not exactly the same, but in the same group) &  I'm always looking for different colours. But for $28 I will be getting some use out of this, lol.
But as for the blush.. I looove it so stinking much! It actually smells like roses, I'm going to have to get a few more colours! There were heaps to choose from.
Covergirl Lip perfection in Kiss, Lash Blast Length
 So yah as I said there was only a small colour selection... & none of them really caught my eye except for Spellbound but I have so many pink L/S already so I stayed away from that one. & The Lash blast length was only $8.95 (instead of like $18 or what it usually is here) so I thought I would give it a go & so far I'm liking it.
L-R Bloom nail polish in Catherine, Bloom Nail Hardener
Omggah Catherine is such a pretty, glittery colour, I put it on the next day after I got it, & I was so lucky to see it for $5! My nails also have been breaking lately so I got some hardener stuff.

So it was a pretty small haul, but everything came to $81 or something crazy like that!! Curse the price of cosmetics in Australia!! :P


Natural Light.
why the awkward fingers!? lol So far it hasn't really chipped (except on my right hand, but that always chips first) but I'm also testing out a new top coat to see how that goes.

& Finally, onto the FOT-other day ah ha. Of course,I had to use everything I bought! Warning: Lots of pics coz I took to many & couldn't decide which ones to use!

Added a little bit of Satin Taupe in the crease for more dimension. Also angled my eyebrows a bit more- what do you think?? This may also be nice for a soft bridal look- excluding the heavy eyeliner & gold on the lower lash line.

So yeah, I used everything in the haul + black eyeliner, gold eyeliner for lower lashline.. No idea why I used it, really haha. & then Revlon grow luscious + CG lashblast length. But seriously, I hope you can see why I'm in love with the blushh its just so purty! I'm also loving the lipstick too!

Ughh also I just came down with tonsillitis yesterday but it has hit me really bad today. I have the makeup thing with my MIL on saturday so if I rest up tonight & tomorrow I should be feeling better!!! I hope!

Thanks for looking loves xxx


  1. awesome haul !! love the shadow and the blush ..

  2. Awesome haul! That blush looks amazing on you.

  3. aigooo~ i want that blush too~ :D heloo dear .. Check out my awards for you on my blog

  4. Great haul! I'm loving that first smokey rose palette, SO PRETTY!!! Is that what's on your eyes? It's so beautiful. I like how you've done your brows as well, they still suit you.

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway, check it out!

  5. Lovely haul. The blush is super pretty and it looks gorgeous on you. I like that palette. Has got some wearable shades. :)

  6. Beautiful look and the blush truly is amazing on you! I hope you feel better soon!

  7. I agree, that blush looks beautiful on you! I don't even know where to find Bourjois stuff here... wish I did! I sure hope you start feeling better!!!

  8. aww, thanks girls your so sweet. I wasn't expecting to log in and see so many comments :)
    @meredith, yepp, thats whats on my eyes. & thank you, it took normal then longer with my eyebrows but I liked the way they came out!!

    thanks again everyone!

  9. I loooove that nail polish, I think I might have to get it!

  10. Oh my I must get that blush....& NOW!! haha love that blush colour on you, it looks so fresh :)

  11. I LOVE your makeup here! It looks fabulous :)

  12. @imogen, I think you should too its gorrgeous!

    @make-me up i think you need it too! thanks love, glad to see you around again :D

    @vintage makeup thanks love!!

  13. wao this is great...

    new follower
    i would love if u follow back

  14. Nice haul, I like the polish you are wearing!:D

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