Thursday, March 29, 2012

I got Naked... again!

I ordered the UD Naked palette 2 from even though it wasn't as cheap as what it is over in the U.S but they had free worldwide shipping for a limited time only, & I would be kickin myself if I missed out as I didn't know how much the shipping would be. However I looked back at the site & it says Free worldwide shipping (but not mentioning limited time) so it must be like that all the time!
Plus I don't think I have come across any other sites (apart from ebay which is crazy expensive) that sell urban decay & ship to Australia apart from this one.
 If u can see, it was dispatched on the 7/3 and I only received it on the 26/3, But I'm used to everything taking so long haha
 It came in a nice big box with plenty of packing... stuff.. lol.

sooo pretty! hehe.  Can't wait to play with this & find out different combos :D


  1. Nothing wrong with it. I hardly ever use either of the Naked palettes but I do like them. I need to force myself to use it more.

  2. DROOOOOOOOOL. I really tried to hold out on buying the Naked 2 for the longest time, and I know I didn't need it cos I had so many similar eyeshadows already, but I bought it and I'm glad I did, I use it quite a bit for my everyday looks! Can't wait to see what you come up with! =)

  3. @laurajean I guess i just use mine all the time because I don't have really any nice stuff like this & its a luxury for me, hehe. & its very hard to get in aus!

    @3 girls niice I bet its made for you, I was almost not going to get it but so glad I did! At first I was overwhelmed but I think I'll look up tutorials for ideas :) xx


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