Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blue Lagoon

Firstly yay I've finally reached 200 followers it feels like it has taken me forever but I had a slow start, thanks to each & every one of you :)
Anyway, On this day I wanted to stick to blues, the reason for it is at the bottom. May I say that I'm really proud of myself, as silly as it sounds, because I really like how this turned out, & hope you can see the depth that I tried to create with the colours, like in a nice blue lagoon.

You may see some small changes in the pics, the first one is from the very end results, It felt like it needed something extra & that's where the glitter came in handy. Also I added another tone to the lips, although I really like baby pink lips/ cheeks when wearing blues.

Nyx JEP in Baby Blue on lid & lower lash line
120 palette
Teal on lid over the JEP, lower lash line
Dark Blue in crease & outer v
Another teal (looks more green then blue) above the dark blue.
Originally I had only Black Bean JEP for the eyeliner but went over it with Nyx Candy Glitter Eyeliner in Teal.

E.L.F Fuschia Fusion Blush
Revlon Colorstay l/s So blushious (in the pics with glitter eyeliner I added a fuchsia lipstick over the top)

So the reason I choose blue is that many of you may know Sonja from The Beautiful Life Of The Girl Next Door. & if you follow her you may have read one of her recent posts where she bravely tells us that she has been diagnosed with colon cancer.
She created some beautiful blue looks as the colour for colon cancer awareness is (ta da) blue & I wanted to do the same, hoping that I'm going to do her proud! We all wish you a speedy recovery xxx

Thank you for reading xx


  1. nice colors, fresh and sunny :)

  2. Congratulations on reaching 200! That's definitely an accomplishment =)
    I really can see the depth you created and this look is gorgeous! I always try and get that dimensional look on my eyes but I feel it only works if I layer eyeshadows... But I love it with the glitter liner and blues + baby pinks are a dream together. They really flatter your eyes and you look gorgeous =)

  3. thank u artlook & laurajean :)

    thanks @3girls, that means a lot to me im glad you could see what i saw! I have to say im a bit disappointed when you do a look that you really like but find it so hard to get comments. but thanks again girly :)


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