Thursday, March 1, 2012

A couple of Nails..

Last weeks mani... wanted to use all my new polishes at once :) We got to go to a wholesalers (lost my Hairmart cherry hehe) & I bought O.P.I Blue my mind (blue ha ha) & O.P.I Divine Swine.. should have bought some more for the bargain haha.
I also received the China Glaze Matte top coat in the mail so I used that on the tips to test it out, if you can see it, & it works yay haha except the bottle is so small that I would not want to use it all the time.
Sorry for the dents in my nail as I was not patient to wait for it to dry fully. :D

 This is my current mani & I am in love, I think I will be doing this a few more times!
I received the base colour as a birthday gift ages ago & never used it, and it seemed a bit too plain on its own so I added the glitter which I bought recently and it turned it aqua (I suppose that's thanks to the green :P) So its ADORme nail polish in colour 3 with BYS Glam glitter in Dazzling. With most glitters like this its kind of like a jelly base so its so hard to get the glitter in it onto the nails so I went over many times, resulting in the base colour to move around on some nails.

I am still slowly expanding my collection, much to the disapproval of SO hehe, I think I will definetly buy more of the BYS glitter nail polishes because they are so cheap, but depending on which country you live in it can be hard to find.
So I ask: Are you into accent nails & glitter? & Together or not at the same time?


  1. Love the nail color! The blue is amazing. Good job :)


  2. thanks hun I'm glad you agree I love them both


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