Monday, March 26, 2012

Clubbing FOTD x2

These 2 looks are from a little while ago now, god damn it I wish I could keep up with posting.. I want to do some non FOTD posts but its just too hard to find time lol.... anywaay, as the title says these are 2 clubbing looks. Nothing too special or dramatic but I really liked them.
---Look 1---

This is from after the Cup, & as my SO was out of town for a festival, having fun, we decided to have a girls night which is my first one in a while! I just applied more makeup over my day makeup instead of starting over.

I got this dress from Ally for $34.95, It is my first cut out dress & it is also a "mullet" style on the bottom.My hair held up pretty well too :)
-Nyx Black Bean JEP over the top of my other makeup
-Fyrianne loose eyeshadow in Immortal (This is a beautiful black colour that reflects many other colours & is quite glittery, especially when used with Pixie Epoxy)
-A bit more Satin Taupe, but really that's all that's different from my daytime look.

-Topped up my Fdtn with the same Australis Paparazzi Perfect, & with extra Nars Orgasm (I apply all of this straight over the top of my old fdtn, sometimes I use my primer again but because the powder from earlier has usually gone, it doesn't turn out cakey.)

-Lips I think may be Covergirl Lip Perfection in Kiss with Revlon Nude Attitude.

---Look 2---

With this look I also added it straight on top of my daytime look.
-I used Nyx Slide on Pencil in Black Sparkle as a base in the inner corner, and Nyx Black Bean JEP in the outer corner. 
-Nyx Loose Pearl Pigment in Nude on inner corner
- Fyrianne Immortality (same as 1st look) on the first half & Bourjois E/S in 04 on the outer & lower lashline.
-In the crease was mainly some brown from daytime but I used UD Naked to blend.
-With my finger i dotted some Pixie Epoxy over the top of Immortality & used that same finger I dabbed on Nyx Silver Glitter, only in the middle of the lid.
Lashes are from The Beauty Box in All A flutter [? not sure if that's the name]

I used Australis Paparazzi Perfect Fdtn again, & the blush is Nyx Pinky.
With the lips I can't remember if I used a lipstick but I know I used Nyx Lala lipgloss.

How do you like to do your makeup for clubbing? Dark & Smokey or do you focus on the lips?


  1. The look came out gorgeous! I love how you used the jumbo pencils.

  2. LOVE the dress & the makeup! You look so gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous look :) You remind me a little of Leighton Meester :) xx

  4. thanks loves!
    @linasbeautydiary haha i get that a bit online lol :)


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