Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dramatic Hot Pink & Black Cut Crease-ish

Last Friday night was our local show. The show is pretty much a 2 day carnival with fireworks on the Friday night, rides & sideshow alley & stalls but because it is actually an agricultural show, there are also a lot of things like shearing, wood chopping, caravan displays, Ute competitions etc there is really something for everyone.
Our town is pretty small so they only had about 4 rides- including everyone's favourite the bumper cars hehe. I went on Friday night with DF & met up with some friends for the rides & the "beer tent" & went on Saturday afternoon to have a look at the stalls.

That night I wanted to do something with my makeup that would stand out which I can safely say that I think it did since I didn't see anyone else with makeup on that stood out, ha ha. That's what I keep an eye out for :P

Click to see the pics better- BTW I am loving bloggers new way to view photos- very much like facebook but so much better

Flash/ no flash.
When I was doing it I thought of making it a cut crease AFTER I applied the black eyeshadow, so I tried to cut into it with an angled liner brush & black bean, so it kind of formed some definition, especially into the inner of my eye- what do you think?

Hot pink e/s from the 120 palette, black e/s from the Stila <3 Barbie trio. Black Bean JEP for eyeliner & lower lash line. Silver e/s on top of black- I think I blended it away whoops- & same silver on lower lashline.
Fyrianne Pixie Epoxy patted on top of pink with finger with NYX pink glitter applied over the top (I used my finger since it is easier to get out of the bottle + it was already sticky from the Epoxy) White Pearl e/s as the highlight, BYS falsies (badly applied- sorry!!)

I'm pretty sure I used NYX pinky blush, I also used the about glo bronzer.

I just picked a random colour (wish I went for something nude- oh wells)
I'm pretty sure I used CG lip temptation in kiss & Australis l/s in salsa.

Thanks for looking lovelies!! =) <3

& ohmigosh I almost forgot to include the cutest thing- I was waiting for a friend near the toilets where the lighting wasn't so great, and a little girl came around the corner with her mum & when she saw me she went oohh! I assume she could see the glitter he he. I probably looked like a mannequin waiting there :P


  1. Heyy ! Thanks for your comment ... I know I was kicking myself for not taking a picture, but I was honestly so busy getting ready for the interview there wasn't time for pictures... Next time though !

    You are honestly stunning ! Lovely makeup :) The story about the little girl is so cute hehe <3

  2. That must be tough having dry but acne prone skin... I know most products designed to fight acne are very drying and harsh on the skin. Though from what I can see your skin looks lovely and clear :) Thanks for all your comments ! I wish more people commented, it makes me so happy to know people appreciate my posts :)

  3. Thanks for your comments/ replies!
    Yes my skin is rather annoying, I don't get much pimples any more but I do have some scarring still- I do actually have a post if you saw it from when I was getting a peel done
    so you can see how bad it used to be.
    Yeah I know the feeling when you take the time to write a post & you get little to no comments... hang in there, your blog is amazing & insightful. I added you to my blog list :)

  4. I just checked that post out... wow you really have been on a journey... i almost teared up, i'm so happy for you ! your skin looks amazing now ! lool at the yogurt face pic, its so cute!

    ive been suffering from acne for exactly 3 years now and im pretty fair and my skin scars so easily ... i've had 2 peels called vitalize peels which were pretty intense retinoic acid peels. theyr so damn expensive though, $150, same as the one you mentioned. they did help though !

    congrats on clearing your skin up !!! hopefully soon i'll be able to say the same thing to myself hehe :)

  5. aww, thank you =)
    aww that's horrible, I found these peels got my skin under control, I'm glad yours helped, your skin will get there one day! Like I said, I still have light scars but thank god they're flat so they are easy to cover up :)

  6. Aww, that's so sweet! You probably looked like a real-size barbie doll to her, with pink sparkly make-up. Isn't that every little girl's dream? :):x

  7. You look so pretty in these pictures, the makeup really suits you!

  8. Rawrrrr, this is awesome! The pink + black looks great together. I haven't mastered a cut crease yet, may try this out!

  9. Gorgeous girl & amazing makeup!! WOW :)

  10. @corina ahha yeah I probably did, I knew it was my dream when I was younger :P lol

    @meredith aww thanks darling :)

    @cydonian thanks so much s sweetz, everytime I try its a fail lol so at least this look is sort of incorporating a bit of a cut crease lol. I would love to see yours!

    @linasbeautydiary aw thank you so much :)

  11. Love the make-up and it looks great on u, very sexy eyes! :*

  12. sounds like the Melbourne show? :P Sounds like heaps of fun! And you're makeup looks amazing!

  13. ahh no I'm in w.a, Melbourne's just a bit bigger then where I live :P thank you!!

  14. I think this look is awesome... Its hot!!! I wish I was this daring... Looks great on you!!!

  15. thank you foxyaries :)
    If you have an occasion for it, then go all out i say! otherwise i'd feel uncomfortable wearing this, except for clubbing haha


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