Monday, October 17, 2011

Something different... Clubbing FOTN

Firstly, who here watches Australia's next top model!? Probably no one haha, but I am soo happy of the final 3 & I think i will vote for my favourite a hundred times hehe.
Anyway, here is just another run of the mill (did I say that right lol) clubbing look, complete with contouring which I have not done in foreverrr. Excuse the daggy singlet, I did not get any pics in my outfit for that night but oh well. Products after pics! Thanks for looking lovelies =)

Natural light... so yall can see the contouring. This is as much of my profile that i will show off haha

After I did my hair.. didn't do much, just straightened the top layers a little bit.

Lol pic, coz I like the way the lashes look :P

Too Faced e/s duo in Ooh & Aah (Silver & Black sparkly) on top of a silver shade stick. (loove the silver in the duo!! totally gorgeous) MAC satin taupe in the crease. Nyx Black Bean JEP for eyeliner. I'm pretty sure I used NYX white pearl as a highlighter but it did not show up, oh well. Lashes are by BYS (I have had them for over 2 years & this was the first time I have used them lol). I would think that its pointless to name the mascara, haha :P

Cheeks/ Contouring//~
All About Glo loose powder bronzer on my cheekbones & forehead & lightly on nose & jaw. I didn't use a proper contouring brush so its not precise. A hint of Nars Orgasm blush.

Nyx Iris l/s with a sportsgirl light up lip gloss (pretty nude colour) over the top.

Once again thanks for looking & I hope everyone has a good week =)


  1. I agree with Kassie - adorable look. I'm going to copy this for my next night out.

  2. what a beautiful look. i really have to get satin taupe. i love the contouring and lip color too. i miss seeing your looks on mug! take care.

    -iris l.

  3. This is really stunning! I have a question though... what in the world is a daggy singlet?? I tried to figure it out and I just can't get it haha. You're really a beautiful girl!

  4. @story of a girl aww thank you Iris, I promise I will start posting there soon!! Its just a bit too quiet to get any feedback.

    @starryskies thank youu hun!! ooh my bad I didn't know 'daggy' was mainly an aussie thing.... how can I put it... my singlet that I'm wearing is I guess not very trendy.. if you look it up on urban dictionary thats what it says there although thats not really the meaning I was going for haha

  5. I love it, metallic and fun!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I LOVE this makeup! You were obviously the hottest girl in the club =)

  7. thank u marie ! :D

    naww thanks s hehe

  8. Look is hot!!! I've been MIA for a while so I'm catching up now... LOve it!

  9. I want to get my bare cock inside you and shoot my spunk inside you as you straddle me

  10. You would be able to feel my cock throbbing as I ejaculate into you, and I grasp your bum cheeks. I would make sure you would get all my sperm deep inside you, with my cock covered in your pussy juices


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