Monday, October 31, 2011

How to curl your hair with little to no heat

I wasn't thinking of taking pics & making this into a tutorial when I started doing it so the pictures aren't that informative but its ok & simple to follow. This is using bendy hair rollers. If you do not need to use heat & you have enough rollers you can go to bed with them in your hair & when you take it out in the morning you will have beautiful curls.
What you need:
 Bendy Rollers, some hair clips, bobby pins, sectioning comb.
Products I used in my hair: PPS the ends (cuticle sealer applied after I washed my hair) Heat protector (obviously only if you use heat) Herbal Essences Tousle me Softly spray gel, Moroccan Oil for afterwards.If your hair does not hold curl very well you may want to use a curling cream.

After you have washed your hair, section your hair off. Grab a section of hair within that section (size depends on how you want your curls to turn out) & roll in a bendy roller, starting at the ends & rolling up to your head, folding the ends of the roller to hold the hair.
Please excuse my no makeup face.
 I had to leave a section on the top of my head as I ran out of the rollers. If you managed to roll up all of your hair you may sleep on them. Usually when I do this at night I make the sections a bit bigger so I can use up all of my hair (but to be honest I haven't done this in a while, & it is a lot harder to do with longer hair because its harder to get them to stay in.)

View from the side, if you can see anything lol

 I went off to do some things to let my hair dry a bit on its own, but what I did now was mist my with the heat protector & used my hair dryer to blast the curls. Be careful that you don't cause any of the rollers to fall out. Use the cool setting to set the curls. Then when you feel that its dry enough you can take the rollers out by letting them fall out so the curl keeps its shape. Then coil the curls in your fingers & pin back to the head with bobby pins while you start on the rest of the hair.
Roll up the rest of your hair, I pinned my fringe (or bangs, whatever you want to call them) out of the way because you will need to change the direction & I didn't want to get it mix in with other pieces of hair. (make sense? haha)
& then you pin your fringe but roll it up in the direction you want it to curl in.

Blast dry with your hair dryer again & take out the rollers when they're dry.
Finished look- I brushed out the curls with my fingers, sprayed in the spray gel & scrunched, & added a tiny amount of Moroccan Oil to tame the frizzies.

& then later I was watching tutorials on youtube & came across Lilithedarkmoon. She has some amazing tutorials on braids & different hair styles so I decided to copy one.
Here is the video- but seriously you need to check out all of them!

I hope this is useful to somebody, it seems a lot more complicated because I simply ran out of curlers but it is a great one to do after you have washed your hair at night to sleep in. There are quite a few different techniques to getting curls with no heat.
Thank you for looking!


  1. I love her tutorials, I do the rope braid twist all the time!

  2. Your hair came out great and I like her tutorials too.:D

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