Sunday, August 14, 2011

My fave way to wear blues

Hey guys! I thought I would save some posts as drafts if I am going to busy, that way it will feel like I'm still here :)
So this is a look that I did a few weeks ago, & I have to say it is probably my fave way to wear blues without going OTT. Most people are intimidated by it, I think they have a phobia of looking 80's but I've learned that there's a lot of ways to wear it without looking like Mimi!
I don't know how I look so 'warm' here!!!

Silly face!! :P

I also used the nude colour to highlight.

 Nyx JEP in milk as base + waterline.
Eyes- Designer Brands palette (Pictured)
Dark blue from 120 palette.
Maybelline Liquid eyeliner 

Cheeks- Nyx peach blush
Lips- Nyx soft lip cream in Tokyo

Looking back, I could have blended the darker blue more with the lighter blue. & I needed to clean up underneath the eye O.o Otherwise I liked this look- very similar to a look I did years agoo
I loved this when I did it. Same colours except matte. Eyebrows have arched a lot since then!!
Thanks for looking lovely's- What is your fave way to wear blue eyeshadow???


  1. That is such a gorgeous way to wear blue!! I love the light pink lip that goes with it too :) I haven't worn blue (or any eyeshadow for that matter) in a while.... may have to attempt a blue look this weekend :)

  2. Super pretty (as always!)! I love the silly face picture! My favorite way to wear blue would have to be either a BRIGHT blue all around my eyes or a navy blue smokey eye. How do you like the soft lip creams??

  3. Blues look AWESOME on you! I love it. You pull them off effortlessly and they make your brown eyes really stand out! I really like this look =)

  4. Wow, blue is a really hard color to pull off but this is so cute and compliments your skin and eyes so beautifully. I like that it's slightly tealish blue, very pretty!

  5. @make-me up thank you so much hun!! I think that you should... and post it!!!

    @starryskies hehe thanks love I thought you would appreciate the silly face :P ooh that sounds gorgeousss. I LOVE the soft matte lip creams!! I will let you know on your blog

    @3 girls blog thank you gorgeous lady <3 I never thought blues would suit me but they do really bring out the brown!

    @leticia, lindsie lee; thanks gals!

    @meredith thank you very much love :)

  6. Nice work! I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  7. I love to wear blues, but sometimes they can look like Mimi - ekkk! This is a really pretty look!! Love it!!!

  8. Love the blue makeup looks on you.
    And its wearable.

    xoxo Angelique

  9. You definitively can pull off blue looks lovely with your hair and skin tone!

  10. Not everyone can wear a blue shadow, you definitely can!:D

    ***** Marie ****


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