Monday, August 1, 2011

Inglot Prize! + Pixiwoo Inspired Purple + Pink

So I actually received it last week, by 'It' I mean the Inglot prize from Amalia which consists of 3 concealers & 2 lipsticks in a palette. Yayy my first Inglot products! & if this is anything to go by, I can't wait until the day I buy some of their eyeshadows!
Amalia sent them to me with the palette empty & the products separately in plastic. When I first swatched them they felt extremely creamy, & maybe a bit melted (who knows, it came from the sunny U.S to winter in Aus so that may have affected it) but now I can tell they are just extremely creamy!! I have used them everyday since I've received them & they apply so smoothly & last all day!! (well not quite all day, I haven't tested them that far)
        & for the lipsticks... gorgeous colours! the 1st one is more cherry & the other one more blue-based. I haven't actually used the 2nd one yet which I must! Only bad thing is that I cannot take this palette in my bag with me for touchups :(.
        Oh I should probably describe the palette- Quite heavy & sturdy, & very magnetic. To get the lid off you need to push it from the corner. If I wanna pick up the products I just put the end of the lid near it & it picks them up.

& anyhoo a look I did that day, which was inspired by this tutorial by Pixiwoo which was inspired by Selena Gomez. >><<
Unfortunatly It had been a while since I had seen it so I had to go from the top of my head. Which still wasn't quite close. Ohwell. At least I remembered the main colours! Please don't go to the video & think hurr durr it is no where near the same. I like it being different anyway :)

Ha Ha trying too hard to look sexy.

Just mucking around :P

Random Purple Gel eyeliner from Ebay as a base over TFSI
Pictured: Revlon Pink About It in the crease;
Designer Brands palette: The colours with the hearts... lightest being the highlight
A pink from the 120 palette lightly over the crease.
The same gel e/l to line the eyes
Black Bean in addition as e/l

Fyrianne blush in Intriqued... I think this is the first time I have used it & I don't look like a clown! Its so hard to use a light hand with this stuff!! (Pictured.... on top of the Inglot lid) I should have gone with a more neutral cheek but I was drawn to it that day!

Inglot.. the one I'm pointing to ;)

Well you deserve a pat on the back if you read all that!! *pats* Thanks for looking!! I would love to hear your feedback!!


  1. Well, I haven't seen the video but this does look very pretty! I like the colors on the shadow, the mix of cool purple tones and warm pink tones is very interesting visually and makes for a captivating look!

  2. Thank you Meredith! You always have awesome things to say. Ya know I never really think about whether I'm putting cool or warm e/s or whatnot but It really adds a different dimension doesn't it XD

  3. This makeup look is beautiful.
    I like the purple color with te worm pink.

    xoxo Angelique


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