Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bird Inspired #1 Parot

Hey everyone! Another quick post, no time to check in!
In our backyard we have a lattice set up where we keep a bird bell (bird seed in the um shape of a bell lol). Quite often we have some Parots (or some sort of colourful bird haha- not too sure which species- maybe Lorikeets? ) that are usually in pairs but sometimes we can have up 5 at one time. Anyway... I have been meaning forever to use their gorgeous colours as inspiration.
Hard to see how bright their colours are.

These pics where taken before I did the rest of my makeup. So excuse the brows!
Picture borrowed from Google.

Pink stars- mixed together on lid.
White star-outer corner + undereye
Orange stars- Mixed together for crease
Green stars- mixed for above green
Not pictured- Red for under eye, white for inner corner.

Room for improvement; Blending the blue & green together. I find the blues are hard to blend with the 120 palette.
-Blending the red into the blue- I pictured it to look so much better but It didn't turn out that way.
-Eyeliner was a little bit off. whoops!
-Could have added something to the waterline

I want to recreate this look sometime but change up the colour placement & add some falsies. I actually wore this look to work & was going to tone it down but thought 'stuff it!'

Thanks for looking- I know there's still a lott of room for improvement as stated above so if you would like to add any more suggestions for next time I'd like to here them!!
Edited just for fun... I def. need falsies with this look!!


  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful, colorful look! My favorite!!! This totally reads parrot to me. I can see that yeah, it would be extra dramatic with falsies but it still looks lovely. Well done.

  2. This look totally flatters you!! I love how bright it is and your shirt!! Looks awesome girly!

  3. WOW that is so gorgeous! I really love greens and blues together it's one of my favorite looks to do. I think you did a really awesome job! Looks gorgeous with the cheeks and lips too! Wow green suits you so well =)

  4. Very pretty!!

    Those birds actually come to your house? So cool!

  5. This is really beautiful! It has to be one of my favorites from you! I love the colors you used, it really looks like the bird!

  6. LOVEs it!!! I love the bright colors, sooo pretty!!!

  7. wow thanks so much for the comments, girls! :D i will reply personally when I have time, I'm working a 12 hour day today -.-

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  9. Wow! That blue on the outer edge is amazing. Love the little bit of red underneath as well... great job!

  10. love your birds inspired makeup look.

    xoxo Angelique

  11. thank you lovely ladies :D I really appreciate the comments even though I have had no time to reply to them personally!

  12. You did good, this is a cool theme.:D

    ***** Marie ****

  13. hey this looks great.i will try this for sure.

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