Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Nakedness~

Hey beautifuls. Still been really busy & haven't had a chance to go on blogger since last week! Hopefully it's slowed down more. Updates about the new job later!

So I still love playing around with my Naked palette & finding out new combos. You will see a ton of work looks with them since its so easy to reach for in the morning.
This is one of my fave combos from the palette, which I find is a  gorgeous sexy smokey eye. I wore this to work & had a horrible customer that day who abused me, (retail- that figures!) & I cried when she left :( So I ruined my makeup dammit, & we were going out for tea that night but we were going to the gym beforehand anyway so I had to redo it.
~Look 1~

Cheeks- E.L.F blush in Peachy Keen. Lips- bare,except for  lip balm.
So & I out for dinner that night. Well we were with family as well :)
Eyes- Sin all over the lid (originally I started with sidecar but changed my mind). After I completed the look I added some gold from the Sleek Storm palette because I didn't want it to be too pinky.
Gunmetal applied diagonally to the outer corner & outwards, blending into the crease. Creep added into the outer v & blended.
Hustle applied lightly into the crease with a pointed crease brush.
Black eyeliner under on lash line + underneath the eye, smudged out with gunmetal.
Lightest colour from sleek storm as a highlight.

~Look 2~  Day to Night
Yukky blending- being in front of the window the light picked it up.

Ok so this is a way older look. Stila Kitten is on the lid with Creep in the outer corner, I applied it so it was more of a cat eye shape but it didn't execute well in the pics. Naked is blended into the crease.


Added more eyeliner, made outer corner darker with smog, more blush & brighter lipstick- Nyx Spellbound.
No editing.. pic just turned out super purple. I like it, haha.

Thanks gals & guys, hope I can get some more drafts organized soon!!!


  1. Very pretty look! I also love playing with my Naked Palette.. it's addictive!

  2. Very pretty!!! I need to play around more with my naked palette...

  3. That naked palette agrees with you so much :) hehe love all the looks you come up with it

  4. Your naked palette looks are great, so inspiring.

  5. Wow, the first look is AMAZING. You look absolutely flawless and it really shapes your eyes nicely! I feel bad that a customer did that to you *hug* That's so shitty. I hate crying with makeup on, it stings my eyes!

    I really like the second look, especially with the bright lips, both are gorgeous and I'm going to try your version of the smokey one! You're really pretty =)

  6. thanks for the comments girlies :)

    @3 girls blog aww thank you so much sweetie, the 1st one was actually the one tht was meant to be similar to yours but when I looked back on it I saw that it wasn't... haha
    aww *hugs back* thank you hun, I hate it too!!

  7. gorgeous! i love your eyeshape--your makeup compliments it perfectly!

  8. Neutral, smoky, dramatic. I love!:D

    ***** Marie ****


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