Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am back- Sorta!! Holiday Pics + FOTD+ News

Hey guys well I am back home! However I think that I will be very busy for the next couple of weeks so I may be able to post from time to time but it will be difficult to check everyone's blogs!
I just want to say hello & thank you to all the new followers :D
Yah so I have soo many pics (not even all of them) from my holiday to Phuket so I have to pick just a few... & keep reading coz my news is coming up... no cheating by scrolling down mmk!!
Where "The Beach" was filmed

Taken on Phi Phi Island  

   Viking Cave when we did the Phi Phi Island Tour
Before Leaving Phi Phi.... Look Closely... do you see it???
 Look closer in the last pic...... Daniel & I got engaged! So that is the big news :D It was after we had finished eating & we went for a walk.. although I didn't want to lol. I had my suspicions way earlier on but forgot all about them!
So we had a lovely holiday, it was Daniel & I, Daniel's Mum & my brother who went. Phuket is such a beautiful place, we are already planning our next trip haha :)

Anyway onto the FOTD... from when we landed back in aus and I actually felt like wearing makeup with it melting!
Day Look for going to the footy, used a Models Prefer e/s palette that I bought before we went away

Night time look for clubbing
More accurate colour of the lipstick, Rimmel's Shocking Pink
We had to buy a new (way better) camera & it has a function that makes your skin look photoshopped! Not one I would use for FOTDs though its a bit too obvious
No Flash
Thank you for looking through this long post if you had, lol =) There's so many blogs that I want to look through hopefully I will get to do that eventually!  xxx


  1. Congrats on your engagement! How exciting! And I love the night look, its very pretty!

  2. Congrats and you look gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations hun :) That is fantastic news!!
    That clubbing look is HOT!!

  4. nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats sweetie!

  5. Congratulations on your engagement. You are such a great looking couple and it looks like you two had an amazing time. ITA with the others, your clubbing look is hott like fire, girl!

  6. Congratulations girlie!!!!!! Looks like a beautiful place!!! your look is sooooo pretty i love it!!!


  7. Aw! Congratulations!!! What a perfect place to propose (way to go, fiance!)! I love the look too! And that photoshop type function on your camera is pretty cool!

  8. wow thank you soo much everyone im so happy & excited :D the wedding wont be for a few years though he he.
    @starryskies Im glad he waited until we went to phuket hehe. yeah it is pretty cool, great for when I don't feel like wearing makeup! haha

  9. Wow!! That is amazing, congratulations!! You look beautiful!

  10. Congratulations!!! That is wonderful!! You look so beautiful!

  11. Congrats on getting engaged! Your photos look lovely and it seems like you had a great time :)

  12. Yayyyyy! Congrats, it's a gorgeous ring <3 :)


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