Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Tip: Washing Your Brushes

So I haven't really been doing quick tips in a while, & I hope these are helpful to someone! :) I try to keep them basic & well, quick, but that doesn't always work out haha.

-*Washing Your Makeup Brushes*-
You need to wash your makeup brushes often as bacteria will build which will not be good for your skin & eyes.

In Between Uses
Use a Brush Cleanser daily/ after use to disinfect your brushes & to help them keep for staining. As far as I'm aware, they dry pretty quickly so you can use them not long after if you have to. You can purchase this from MAC & E.L.F & I'm sure there are other good ones out there.

Deep Cleaning
I go by washing my face brushes that I use all the time once a week, and washing my eye brushes to once a month. That's mainly because I'm lazy :) However I think that face brushes are more important because they are in frequent contact with your skin, so you don't want to develop pimples from the bacteria that may be hiding.

1) Apply a tiny bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a paper towel, & swipe your brush onto it in one direction until you feel like its enough. I use this 'coz it breaks down the makeup which makes it easier to wash it all out, and also gets out the stains easier. It also keeps my brushes softer since I find that it conditions them.
2) Fill up your basin with warmish water- not too hot or it will damage the bristles. Wet it by dipping it in, making sure not to get water past the ferrule (the metal part where the handle is clamped on to the bristles).
3) Apply a tiny bit of baby shampoo/ your shampoo of choice & rub it in to the bristles, keep doing this & washing it out until no more makeup comes out.
4) Let it dry flat on a hand towel overnight, do not blow dry!

I thought it would be funny to note that sometimes I will go through my friends brushes & instruct them to wash them coz I've seen horrendous ones lol! But that's just the makeup-obsessive side coming out in me :P

*Disclaimer: This is what I have found that works for me, using the EVOO has not effected my brushes in a bad way. This is also a basic guide so you can substitute products for what suits you*


  1. Great tips! My brushes are due for a cleaning as it's been forever!

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  3. Great tips, I honestly hate cleaning my brushes haha. Also, I awarded you the best blog award :) x

  4. I know it is such a chore but has to be done -.- sometimes I don't do it EVERY week haha but I try to not let them get gross.
    @Hannah Michell aww thanks hun! I will do it back soon :)

  5. Great tips! I never thought about using EVOO before THANKS!!!

  6. ugh it's time for me to clean my makeup brushes... thanks for the tips :)

  7. thanks ladies! I've heard some cases were people have complained that the oil wont come out, however I'm not sure if they just used olive oil... not EVOO, so be careful of that!

  8. complicated and meticulous process that will produce beautiful work. Her results would really look beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the tips! I use EVOO too.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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