Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holiday Haul

Yes finally I am going to post my holiday haul.... I hadn't bought really any makeup in a while so I thought I would stock up =) Disclaimer: I am not bragging about what I bought I am showing you just coz! It looks like a lot more when its all pictured together haha.

 Please don't stone me because I bought fake MAC!! As you probably know in Phuket they have lots of knock offs bags etc but I wanted to try this fake stuff to see if it compares. & no it doesn't! The 8 palette is a tone of BS, its ok to swatch with your finger but as soon as you go to use a brush it disappears!  The blush I knew from the moment it was fake, as soon as I opened it the pan fell out because the glue had become loose. It also opens up down the bottom to reveal a mirror & brush ha. But alas it is quit pigmented.  The mineral duo looking ones could easily fool a person. The purple one (which I have been using in my FOTDs lately) is called Earthly Riches & The green is called "Fresh GreeM Mix" Yes that's green with a m! These ones have pretty good pigment & the label is super believable. Lastly the 2 bottom ones, on the left is by "Sivanna Colours" I have never heard of it before & the left is yet another fake called Prismique that swatched nicely but not with a brush. Please note that the girls who were selling these said flat out they were not genuine.

These ones are not knock offs as you can see the Revlon ones. 1st one on the left is by a brand called Kate which I saw everywhere over there but never heard of before. I have done a FOTD with that so you can see the pigmentation which is not shabby. Then I bought the PR foundation again coz I needed a lighter one, Colorburst lipstick in Fushia, Grow Luscious mascara & a Maybelline Eye Studio Liquid Eyeliner. The prices compared to Aussie $ were with the foundation about $18, the mascara was $10 & lipstick $8. Can't remember about the liquid eyeliner!

Some polishes I bought over there, can't remember the brands and I can't be bothered going to have a look ;) but I've used the glitter ones which I like & swatched the green one only which seemed to go on nicely. The white one is a fine brush/ pen which I have wanted for a while, unfortunately they didn't have black :(

Some more of there brands, both by the same called Glitz 4U2 which swatched well & the lipgloss was free.
SO's mum & I had a blast in 'The Makeup Store' which is a more expensive brand that I had seen in magazines. I went crazy swatching the blushes but couldn't decided so I didn't get anything. :( We went mad with the pencils, MIL-to-be bought 10! but she accidentally got 2 purples so she gave that to me. The one in the pot is a loose eyedust called Dream which is a pretty light pink. The pencils are named (l-r) Crazy Lazy & Go Wild. I will have to swatch these for you!!

Now I'm back to what I bought back home in Aus. I got these all with the exception of Lush (haha) from David Jones. I got the Britney Spears Radiance Perfume, O.P.I Black shatter (I actually bought it from a friend who didn't like the black) & another Rimmel L/s called Shocking Pink since I love the other one I have! The next l/s & 2 eyeshadows are a David Jones Brand (oh if you don't know, its comparable to Macy's in the US, I think)  which were affordable so I thought I might as well try them. I loove the l/s wish I bought more!! Its in the colour sunburst, & the 2 e/s are called Honeycomb & Sandstorm. & Lastly I finally got Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub! Yummy!

I bought these all from Priceline, l-r Models Prefer e/s in famous, Australis Paparazzi Eye Primer (review coming!) + Australis Paparazzi foundation in Nude. Also got a teasing brush for $4.99! 

Now onto Duty Free in Singapore & In Perth. Omg I wish I bought wayy more! Oh & those nail polishes all look the same thanks to the flash! haha. I think I will post pics again later. I had already bought 1 O.P.I in Singa but I got back to perth & saw 2 for $25!! 2 are a pinky colour & ones more orangey. I bought another Revlon Colorburst l/s in Candy Pink & a Lancome Juicy Tube in Framboise which I have wanted one forever & this colour is to die for! (in normal light lol) Also down to the big thing. I finally bought some MAC!! I only had the strobe cream (Paid $55 in Aus 7 months ago, could have bought for $30!!!!) but I FINALLY bought the 217 brush (finally! It is mine! :P) & Peachykeen blush & 1 e/s in Satin Taupe. Omigosh I got too overwhelmed  & If I wanted to buy 1 coloured e/s I would have needed to buy a lot more to go with it. So I stuck with Satin Taupe although I wish I didn't now coz the colour is similar to what I already have. :( Oh & they had none of the l/s I wanted like Impassioned or Morange! =( Ohwell next time I go I will go crazier!

Wow I didn't think I was going to write so much lol but thanks if you got through that! If you are curious of anything or want swatches please let me know!! =)


  1. That's quite a haul. Yay for Peachykeen, Satin Taupe, and the #217. :)

  2. haha great post hun :)
    Enjoy playing around with them :)

  3. Wow! i wish i can buy that much :p But unfortunately i'm seriously cutting down on my spending on cosmetics :p only the occasional spoiling myself when i've worked really really hard for a couple of weeks :p

    I think people get curious about the fake mac stuff and just want to sew aht the quality of them are. My friend bought eyeshadows that were really pigmented but they stained your skin so that was kind of scary.

  4. Jealous! I also badly want the MAC 217 xo

  5. whoa!! Great haul, some very interesting stuff! Rofl Greem!! Greem!! oooh Lush lip scrub me wants lol!

  6. thanks girls!!
    @mandy haha well it felt like I hadn't bought anything exciting in a while so i wanted to buy as much as i could :P I just didn't realize it was that much!
    yeah thats right you don't know whats in them that could be harmful to your eyes!

    @amalia yeah I know hahah i love me some greem :P & the scrub is to die for! you don't have to wash it off you can just lick it :P


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