Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 Peachy Looks + Similar Lips

These are 2 looks from the other week, I am kicking myself because I sometimes take pics of the products I use so I can remember, however I didn't and I am so fustrated coz I wanna know what I used on the lips lol! So I dug out my lipsticks & swatched a few, but due to the lighting they look different =/ Hmmmm. I am gonna take a guess!

1st look..


I used the e/s from Kate that I bought in Phuket. Lovely colours but I had to really pack them on to get them to show up nicely.
As for the cheeks I am pretty sure I am wearing that Fake MAC blush which is a peachy colour.

2nd Look

wow, sorry for the shocking blending! This stuff is hard to use... or is it just me hmmmm
Do I need to say that this is not my skin haha
On the eyes I used the fake MAC 8 palette... man was it hard to get anything decent out of that!, probably why the blending didn't turn out too well, & Black Bean for eyeliner. On the cheeks is Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls.

So I got all my lipsticks out & swatched a few.... The closet ones I can think of is Revlon's Pink About It (A matte so I'm not sure), Rimmel's Pink Flame.. (Another matte), Nyx's Spellbound (which is more of a hotter pink).. Oh well. I am sure I will come across it one day :P Could be a range of l/l, l/s & l/g.

Well thanks for reading my quest! haha :P Any (nice) comments/questions are welcome!


  1. Both of these looks are so beautiful. I wish I had your skin ^.^

  2. haha I have done that same exact thing before too, it was killing me for days lol!! You look great!

  3. I love your eyes in the first look and the lip color is perfect! You look great in both looks though :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  4. You look gorgeous in both looks, especially your skin! I've been trying to decide between PhotoReady and ColorStay and PhotoReady looks SO nice on you!

  5. Gorgeous! You're skin looks so healthy!

  6. Two nice looks. First is my favourite, especially the eye makeup.

  7. thanks for the comments everyone! Especially the skin comments, they mean so much :) But I think its mainly due to the photoready! :)

    @Cyodian thanks hun, however please note that I do mix the PR with some cheap foundation as well so it may turn out differently! I like it better that way :)

  8. Perfect for the summer!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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