Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lancome Travel Chic Golden Edition | Review & Swatches

My lovely Mother-in-law got me the Lancome Travel Chic palette from her travels in Europe which is exclusive for Duty Free at the airports. I actually included this in my What's in My Makeup Travel bag post but then decided afterwards, is it worth me taking? I was always going to bring my Naked 2 palette but I thought I'd better test it out to see if I would actually use it.

Firstly how stunning is the case!! It's a beautiful sequined gold clutch with a mirror basically the size of the lid, which is perfect for traveling. It has everything that you may need for a couple of days; a variety of 6 eyeshadows, a mini mascara, two lip glosses, a blush & a translucent face powder & also a few mini brushes.

The eyeshadow choices are perfect for creating simple looks and when you're on holidays you rarely want to spend a lot of extra time doing your makeup. The mascara you get is a mini version of the famous Hypnose mascara (I haven't tried it before so I can't comment on that). I like the way everything has been set out and the plastic casing is sturdy.
The variety of eyeshadow colours are good for creating day or night looks & feel buttery in the pan but don't come off very pigmented & a bit chalky as I wore them, and while they are pretty colours, I'll be buying a lot of palettes so in the end I may not even wear these. The lip glosses are nice but very sheer and not something I'd be able to reapply, but the blush is a gorgeous universal colour and on the face shows up nicely. The powder is also handy to have.
 The makeup tray is actually removable, so you can use this as a clutch out! I would just be terrified of the mirror smashing if I were to accidentally drop it, though.

The Good
  • The range of colour choices
  • The stunning packaging
  •  Having a mini mascara
  • Versatility of the clutch
The Bad
  •  Poor pigmentation with the eyeshadows
  • Mini brushes too useless to do anything with them
Overall this would be a very handy travel palette to take if you were only going for a couple of days & were really limited on what you could bring, but I already have most of the eyeshadows I need in my Naked 2 palette, and as I said I will be buying other products that I may tend to gravitate towards anyway. But for a weekend away I would use this, any time! I also think it would be nice to have in a makeup kit for brides.

Have you tried any of the travel palettes that you can get through Duty Free?

Product given as a personal gift, not a sponsored review!


  1. Ooh these are always shown in the inflight magazines, but I've never had the guts to bite the bullet and buy something on the plane since I have no idea about a return policy. Thanks for the review though; I've considered purchasing this for my mom at the duty free at the SFO airport but now I know not to :P x

  2. Shame about the pigmentation as it could have been an amzing buy!

  3. Omg...this palette is awesome! If there were more brown and peach/gold shades I'd love this even more! This mirror and tray space is such a great upgrade from the last few palettes from them! Hope you have lots of fun using this!

  4. The shades look nice but a bit too sheer for me, xoxo.

  5. I'm so weary of palettes... they never seem to have the quality of singles. The packaging is adorable though! :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  6. The packaging is so gorgeous! I love the shades too, they're perfect for everyday wear. It's just sucks that the pigmentation is so poor :( thanks for review hun, it's very helpful! <3

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