Friday, November 22, 2013

How to perfect your lipstick | Pictorial

 Sometimes just chucking on a lipstick isn't going to cut it, especially with some formulas that like to make their way over your face, or does that just happen to me?
I've found that applying my lipstick this way, using different lip liners & doing it in different layers helps it to stay put & last a lot longer, too. This is not something that I do everyday but when I have time & I'm wearing a bolder lip colour I like to spend a bit more on the lips.

1. Line just outside of your natural lip line with a lip liner that is close to your natural colour if you prefer a fuller lip.
Tip: If you're going for a nude lip, use a colour slightly darker than your lipstick.
2. Apply your lipstick of choice. It doesn't matter if you don't cover up the liner completely as we'll be going over that again. Make sure to really press your lips together to work the lipstick in.
Tip: Use a lip brush with the first coat which helps the lipstick to press into the creases of the lips, helping it to last longer.
3.Go over your lip line again with a liner that matches your lipstick colour. I do it after because you can see where else you need to fill in to get your desired lip shape & it kinda locks in the edges of the lipstick.
4. Blot with a tissue and reapply, either from the bullet or with a brush.
Tip: You can also hold one layer of a tissue against your lips and press a loose powder to set the first layer & reapply.
5.With a flat concealer brush, fix any edges if needed. Make sure to keep wiping it off so you don't transfer lipstick everywhere and remember to blend out the concealer.
Tip: Use a slightly lighter concealer which will also help to highlight.
6. Sweep a cotton bud in the inner rim which will take off any excess lipstick that will probably transfer onto your teeth. Alternatively, pucker your lips and pull your index finger from inside to out and it will do the same.

Products Used
 Nyx lip liners in Mauve & Pinky, Maybelline Colour Vivid in Vivid Rose, Real Technique concealer brush

Finished result
 I find this method works best for bolder colours, or different formulas such as Sleek's pout paints as the liquid is harder to stay put.

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips where helpful. You can mix up the order you apply which lip liner but I don't find much of a difference.



  1. No wonder your lipstick always looks perfect! You've pointed out some really great tips :)

  2. Looks amazing!! Thanks for the pictorial!! <3

  3. Awesome and I totally love he pictorial :)

  4. You definitely get a very perfected, full pout from those steps! Very useful :) I always do step #6 every time I wear lipstick, lol! Except I do it with my finger, never a cotton bud :p

    1. Thank you so much girl! Haha I usually use my fingers but I saw someone use a cotton bud and thought it was a good idea! xx

  5. Thats perfect! Definitely going to try it, thanks :)

  6. this is perfect! I'm sharing with everyone that always ask me how do I pass my lipstick and never really get to do as such!

    1. Thanks girl!! I'm glad I could help xx

  7. I totally need to do this things to make my bolder lipsticks feel more comfortable! I love bright pinks and deep reds but rarely wear them! I need a lip liner, I don't even have one that I'd use with my lipsticks I'd use! Thanks for the tips!

    1. I never felt confident with bolder colours until I knew I could make it almost perfect with lip liners! I hope I can inspire you to wear bolder colours hun! Thank you for the comment xx

  8. Thank you to everybody for the comments, I hope I helped you all in some way! xx

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