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Make Me Blush | Collection Part 1: Drugstore

So I've done my lipstick collection and that was over 5 parts sorted by their colours, now I'm doing my blush collection. I was actually going to do my nail polish collection first but that one will probably take the longest so I might leave that one till last. Not that I plan on doing it on absolutely every type of product you can have, I want to do the ones that I seem to collect haha such as lipstick, blush, nail polish, perfume & maybe eyeliners, but we'll see as I go along.

I have decided to break this up into 2 parts, Drugstore & High End. I definitely have a lot more drugstore blushes as obviously they are cheaper so I don't feel as bad to have multiple colours by the same brands. It would be way to hard to go by colour, and I was going to go by brand but since I only have a few of some brands & more of the others I thought it would be easier to group like this.
Some of the swatch pictures have been enhanced the tiniest bit with contrast as my camera washed out the colour, and the top pictures are natural light & the bottom are with flash.

Milani & Jordana

 L-R: Fantasico Mauve {satin}, Coralina {shimmer}, Dolce Pink {shimmer}, Luminoso {shimmery/satin}.

Jordana blushes can also be purchased from Cherry Culture & Beauty Joint and they have the hugest range. I am really happy with my colour selection although Redwood is the least used as it is easy to go overboard and look tooo flushed. They are so pigmented & are only $2.50!!!
 L-R: Redwood {matte}, A Touch Of Pink {matte}, Coral Sandy Beach {shimmer}.
E.L.F can be bought from Beauty Joint & IKatehouse (only some products). I much prefer their studio line from their $1 one (more $ when bought in Aus, big surprise there!). I do not use their powder blushes too frequently but they're pigmented for $4 (note the similarities in packaging to NARS) but love the HD Blush as a base or on it's own. The shimmering facial whips' are ok but a bit too shimmery for my tastes, especially Golden Peach which I thought was going to be more of a highlighter colour but I find it too bronzy to wear as a blush or highlighter. For $1 who cares I'm sure friends or family wouldn't mind it!

L-R: Pink Passion {glitter}, Peachykeen {matte}, Headliner {liquid, matte}, Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach {disco-ball-like shimmer}

Nyx is the first brand I started collecting when I was getting into makeup because I found a really good seller on Ebay who sells them in "bulk" so I could get multiple colours for a really good price. Has any body depotted their Nyx blushes or eyeshadows, I haven't depotted anything before and want to know if it's easy with these!
The cream blushes look nasty so sorry about that!
Their powder blushes can bit a hit or miss but I find these ones quite pigmented, especially with Pinky & Spice so you may want to have a lighter hand especially with such a bright pink! Angel would be a perfect summery colour & Peach is a misleading name as it pulls more baby pink than peach. They are $6 on Cherry Culture but if you want to get a few definitely look at the eBay seller I linked above.
 L-R: Angel {shimmer},Peach {satin}, Pinky {satin}, Spice {satin}
 Nyx's Rouge Cream blushes ($6 on Cherry Culture) are perfect as a base for other blushes but they go not last well on their own, but you can just apply translucent powder if you are happy with their colour. I used to use Natural & Glow with a stippling brush which made the product in the pan look horrible but now I prefer my fingers. I need to use Hot Pink & Orange more!! Except you need an extremely light hand! I also love the Stick blushes as bases but same goes as the cream blushes.
L-R: Natural, Glow, Hot Pink, Orange {all creme}, Orchid & Tulip {stick}

Bourjois & Assorted 

 I've found that after a few uses with the Bourjois blushes they can become dry & pigmented, so I have to scrape the top of occasionally as it develops a film on top. I had stopped using my older ones for a while because of this & found when I had gotten rid of that film they were pigmented again! They also have a lovely rose smell. The scrapping doesn't bother me as they will last forever!
I apologize that Bourjois may not be available to you but there are plenty of substitutions out there!
The Essence mousse blush from their Ballerina Backstage collection was LE & it's not something I reach for too often as it is quite matte so it would be good for oily skin, but if I do wear it I pair it with MAC's Pink Swoon.
I've posted about the L.A Girl Blushes before & don't have anything new to say, I think I will be finding a new home for them as I have similar colours already and they are nothing too special.
 L-R: Bourjois 16 Rose Coup De Foudre {Shimmer}, 34 Rose D'or {shimmer}, 54 Rose Frisson {satin}, Essence Prima Ballerina {mousse}, LA Girl Just Pinched {matte}, LA Girl Nectar {satin}

 I'm not sure if you can get this Revlon blush from I believe their A Floral Affair collection ( probably discontinued years ago) but I had found this in a dump bin & it was one of the first blushes I had so as you can see I don't use it enough.
This Fyrinnae blush is a loose powder and because it is such an extremely bright red colour it is so hard to use without applying waay too much! I dip my brush in it a little bit and tap off the excess & also onto my hand and it is still sometimes too bright, so for this reason I haven't given it enough love for the couple of years that I've had it, but don't want to throw it out!
L-R: Revlon Hushed blush in A Floral Affair (Peach side, pink, & highlighter side all swatched separately, and then together although I would only use the highlighter separately) {Shimmer}, Fyriannae Powder blush in Intrigue (Not on their website anymore, Sorry!!!) {matte}

Alrighty so that ended up being a bit more of a review then anticipated, but that's never a bad thing, right? Sorry that there is way to much to read but I appreciate if you just look at the swatches too :)
So I have waay too many blushes that are similar & I clearly don't really need any more but it's going to be hard to downsize. I can't pick any fave blushes but my fave formulas would have to be with the Milani Baked blushes and the Nyx powder, cream & stick blushes.

I will be posting my High end blush collection soon so stay tuned!

Whats your favourite drugstore brand for blushes?


  1. The NYX Cream blushes are my favorite! The theory was proved when I realized my favorite swatches of yours were the NYX cream swatches hehe. You have a gorgeous blush collection <3

  2. Love this post Hun! I sooooo want to get my hands in the milani baked blushes. I'm going to have a nose at the ebay seller for nyx you suggested :)
    My fave brand for drugstore blushes would have to be Bourjois or maxfactor.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  3. You have a nice blush collection there. I only own a couple of the NYX powder blush and I really like them. Milani baked blushes are also fantastic.

  4. Bourjois blushes are so lovely, I just wish they weren't as hard! I only have two milani blushes but I'd love more and those jordana ones look amazing! And soo affordable!

  5. I love love love Milani Luminoso! I have worn it all summer!!

    Great post!


  6. I just bought Luminoso for a swap I'm doing... you have a huge collection!!!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  7. Thanks a lot for doing this post! I have a NYX Terra Cotta blush and I absolutely love it, definitely want to try more. I think the prettiest ones here are the Milani baked blushes, they look divine! I've been wanting to try a Rose d'Or blush from Bourgeois but wasn't sure about the quality vs. the price, but they're soooo pretty.

  8. Wow what an impressive collection! Those Milani blushes look great :) my favorite drugstore blushes are from Sleek.


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