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First Impressions | Michael Todd True Organics for Dry Skin

When I saw Michael Todd products on Ozsale a couple of months back, I knew I had to try them after seeing many videos from my favourite beauty guru's as of late. So I was trying to go back through the videos and find the products that were most raved about, but instead of trying to work out what I wanted to try, I thought I would go with a Discovery Kit to sample each type of product that can used in a routine, and I also bought an extra item that I liked the sound of.

About the brand...
 Michael Todd is a certified vegan brand created by the founder who set out to create his own product line using as many organic ingredients as possible without unnecessary added water & unhealthy chemicals after finding out how many brands that proclaimed to be organic had included harmful parabens, sulfates etc and also had water as the main ingredient, so the products would go further but also be diluted down.
Each product of his has on the back a percentage of how organic the ingredients in each one are, ranging from 70-96% from the ones that I have so you know what you're using is kind on your skin and to the environment.

The Discovery Kits they have available are for anti-aging, acne or oily skin, dry & normal/ combination. I always thought I had dry skin without the flakiness, but now I think it's more dehydrated- normal, so I went for the dry skin discovery kit.
Skincare products that cater for dry skin are also targeted for mature skin, which I obviously do not have as of yet, so while these products may be described for preventing anti-aging, environmental damage & helping to firm skin, they will be beneficial in the long run because prevention is easier than a cure.
I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now so here are my opinions on them.
 Skin Defender Cream Facial Cleanser
They say: "Alpha Hydroxy Acid eases away the appearance of fine lines, blotches and discolouration while Organic Green Tea & Extracts of Lemons and Oranges help fight environmental stressors for more vibrant, even-toned radiant looking skin"
I say: This is a really thick cream cleanser which is better for dryer skin as it wont strip the skin of natural oils like foamy cleansers can do. It's so thick that I have to sit it upside down so the product comes to the opening to grab the product out with my finger as the plastic is too hard to squeeze. It has a slight chemically-citrus smell & makes my skin feel squeaky clean but a little bit tight. This was effective of washing makeup off without removing it first (I always do with a wipe) with two cleanses, and I was able to use this on my eyes as long as I didn't push it up into my eyes accidentally, although it may not be the most delicate for the skin around the eyes.

Cranberry Antiox Hydrating Anti-Aging Toner
They Say: "Cleans & restores the skin's proper pH without the drying effects of alcohol. Cranberry & Antioxidant Vitamins help fight bacteria and environmental damage. Leaves skin feeling cool & refreshed."
I Say: I stopped using toners years ago when I found out they were doing more harm than good with most having very drying properties. I use this in the mornings after cleansing with cool water only to remove any dirt or moisturizer residue from the night before, & haven't noticed any tightness but a very refreshing feeling. I don't find it necessary to use absolutely everyday but overtime the ingredients in this will help prevent environmental damage & signs of aging which is bound to appear one day.

Citrus Cream Moisturizer with DMAE & hyaluronic acid
They Say: "Light, soothing hydrating cream moisturizer infused with essential oils of sweet and mandarin orange, tangerine, lemon & lime. DMAE firms skin & improves fine lines & wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid attracts moisture to the skin restoring the skin's optimal moisture balance"
I Say: I've found this to be a good day cream as it is light but still fairly thick & it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly, being ideal for under makeup. It contains the same main ingredient as my Mario Badescu Hyaluronic moisturizer so the moisture after cleansing is locked into the surface of the skin so it cannot be evaporated. It has the same refreshing smell as the cleanser & helps remove any feelings of tightness.
Cleanser, toned & moisturizer

 Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub
They Say: "Naturally fruity refreshing skin treatment that uses the power of Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes as a mild non-irritating exfoliant to remove dead skin, impurities & toxins without irritation caused by scrubbing. Exfoliates, moisturizes & firms, improves elasticity and pliabilty of the skin, unclogs pores allowing skin to breathe and facilitates movement of skin oils. Gently refines skin texture and encourages skin renewal."
I Say: This is a very gentle scrub that leaves my skin so smooth. I find it good to use twice weekly after cleansing but before toner & moisturizer. It is quite thick so you have to make sure to add a little bit of warm water with the product and to only go over the skin lightly as you don't want to overwork the skin, although the granules are small and not harsh, the enzymes in the product would be strong. Another pleasant tropical smell which makes me look forward to using this exfoliant.

Pearl & Silk Facial Mask.
They Say: "Apply a thin layer over face & neck and leave for 10-15 minutes & rinse. Hydrating masks made with glycerin are great for dry skin by moisturizing while they unblock pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. Follow with toner & moisturizer, keeps skin glowing year round"
I Say: This mask dries quickly and leaves a super tight feeling which is just bearable until I rinse it off with cool water where it goes back to normal, leaving my skin feeling ultra smooth & silky. After 10 minutes I noticed some redness on my right cheek and after removing it,I also had some marks on my forehead but I think it is just because it was getting the blood circulating. Once I finished off with moisturizer my skin felt clean & had a nice glow to it, but I wouldn't need to use this more than once a week. I also prefer masks that feel more hydrating when you're wearing them.
They Say: "Concentrated hydrating serum infused with Neem and other essential oils to restore the skin’s optimal moisture balance. Penetrates quickly to soothe and add moisture back to dry, dehydrated and irritated skin. Hyaluronic Acid helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and lock in moisture for healthy, supple skin. Skin is left feeling moist, smooth and younger looking all day."
I Say: To save some time I dot a tiny amount on the main points of my face and then dab on my moisturizer & smooth them in together, or you could apply it on it's own if you wish. The formula is quite runny so if I get a bit too much product I smooth it upwards on my neck. I love the added hydrated feeling.

 Overall I am really happy with these Michael Todd products, when I run out of the samples I would be happy to repurchase the toner, moisturizer & scrub in full size because they are my favourites from the kit and I would also repurchase the serum.
You can have a look & buy from the Michael Todd website, and they offer international shipping and the website is easy to navigate. The products from this kit range from $18- $34 for their full size depending on which one you get, which I believe is a reasonable price for some one with a mid to higher budget, especially when you know you're getting good quality products.

Have you tried anything from the Michael Todd True Organics range?

All products bought with my own money, Not affiliated with the brand & this is not a sponsored review, all opinions are my own.


  1. So glad to finally read a non-sponsored review of these. :) Thank you for reviewing xx

  2. That's a pretty reasonable price for all these. I love little kits like these. Sometimes it's hard to finish a full size product, especially if you don't love it.

  3. I agree, thoroughly awesome review! :)


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