Monday, March 18, 2013

Maybelline One By One Mascara // Review + Comparison

So a few weeks ago I posted about buying 2 new mascaras- Maybelline One By One & The Falsies. I decided to open One by One first as I already had a few volumizing mascaras on the go. It's funny though I've been able to find these 2 mascara's compared to each other a lot on the internet. I've been using it for almost a month so I wanted to share what I thought although it has been out for a while.

My first impression of the mascara was something unusably noticeable, the scent. It is strong when it is opened & settles down when applied but would easily be a turn off for most people. Secondly the plastic bristles felt like they weren't combing through my eyelashes like it was just pushing them around. I found to make sure when applying to not only zigzag the wand but to curl it around so the brush would push right into the lashes, in order for my lashes to separate and lengthen.

I do have to agree that it defines the eyelashes, however clumping is easy because it seems to dry fairly fast on me so you have to be quick in between coats.. And because the eyelashes do get defined, when it clumps it easily turns into spider lashes. I don't really like the long & thin separated lash look without volume, which this mascara does not provide enough, so I use this to layer over the top of a voluminizing mascara which works better than applying One by One beforehand, so the already defined lashes wont clump.
  •  Separates and lengthens eye lashes.
  • Good for layering with volumizing mascaras. 
  •  Flakes throughout the day especially if you touch your eyes a lot (I do.. I play with my eyelashes -naughty- but I notice it flakes a lot more than the average mascara)
  • I am also worried that my eyelashes may be coming out because of the flakiness.
  • You have to be fairly fast in between coats otherwise it's clump heaven.
  • Lacks volume & thickness.
  • Strong floral scent if you are not into that.

 Disclaimer: please ignore the unmade eyebrows & eyes & the messy application!
Bare, lightly curled eyelashes.
One coat of One by One on it's own.
Second coat of One by One
One by One with Max Factor False Lash Effect. This is the day I started liking the mascara!
My Essence I <3 Extreme volume mascara is on it's way out hence the clumping so it's not the best but I thought I'd better show it anyway. One by One clumped horribly that day, I think I left it too long between coats.

Overall once I learned how to use One by One properly I started to like it as a layering mascara but it did not provide enough volume & thickness on it's own, although it does separate the lashes, and the fact it causes clumps easily is a nuisance. I wouldn't rule it out of never buying it ever again but I couldn't state it as my holy grail as I would like one mascara that has the whole package. I probably will never use one own it's own again, though!

I still plan to use this for another couple of months as I hate wastage but I will soon be opening The Falsies Flared which I have high hopes for.

Thanks for reading hope it was helpful xx


  1. omg love your eye makeup in the swatch photos!! The peach and green are gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Will definitely have to post that look separately, it was a complete fluke as I just went with the flow haha. xx

  2. I love maybelline! Been using their products for about 10 years now. ;)

  3. The Maybelline One By One mascara looks great with the MF mascara! Oh and your eye make-up look stunning as always :) x

  4. wow the eye shadow color combination is so cool! lovely review!

  5. I love maybelline!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  6. I just opened the falsies and my judgement is still out on it!

    1. My first use was "meh", but I think I'm starting to like it!

  7. The Falsies is one mascara that I do want to try! Not sure about this one, seems like it does clump a bit with more than one coat, but good separation is always a plus :) Layering mascaras is a great trick to combine the best parts of two mascaras that by themselves might be lacking in certain areas.

  8. I love the brush but if the formula works the same on me as it does on you I definitely won't be touching this mascara! I find too many mabelline ones besides those with the falsies brush doesn't do much for my tiny lashes! I need waterproof, length and volume and definition! Or my lashes are a tiny mess! I think you've made it work for your lovely eyes though, thanks for reviewing!

    1. Ahh yes we must have the same eyelashes haha but mine are small due to breakage :/ But I definitely wouldn't recommend it for you! I think it would look best when the eyelashes are already long. xx

  9. Loving the eye makeup! Shame that the mascara started to clump and couldn't work by itself, although it's great that you somehow made it work! It looks great though and the wand does look pretty cool :)

  10. That's a shame that the mascara don't work that well! Your eye makeup is lovely though :) x

  11. hello darling,today I discovered your blog and I really like it, now I follow u on gfc , hope u'll do the same, xoxo


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