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La Splash Glitters // Review, Swatches & Comparison

 Recently-ish I I received my La Splash Glitter Splash that I purchased from Cherry Culture as I had shown here. I've only really tried NYX's loose glitters before so I will be doing a little bit of a comparison between these 2 brands and a small review & swatches. Oh, I plan to (and have already ordered some more ;) ) buy more in the near future so I will keep updating the swatches.


Lava Dust is a beautiful orange glitter with a tiny amount of red specks.
You can see it in a makeup look here.

 Starlight Red is a stunning bright red, that's all I can really say about it haha. It was used in my Aussie makeup here.

Tropical Lime doesn't exactly live up to it's name as I would call it more turquoise then anything (which I knew it would be when I ordered it) so as long as you know it is not actually lime when you purchase it will be alright. It is so gorgeous, though!

Deep Blue Sea is a dark blue colour also used in this makeup that is mainly a royal blue with some navy blue flecks.
 Miami Beach (sexy pink) is a hot pink glitter with  white reflects which really does make it a sexy pink colour. I used this one here.  When I ordered it I thought it would be a little bit different from my hot pink glitter from NYX, but I will show you in a couple of comparisons below.
 Gold Treasure is a champagne-gold colour.
Newly added 19/3
Purple Passion is a royal purple with no other reflects.

Pineapple Lime is an interesting name no doubt, but is a gorgeous exotic green with lime reflects. I can see this looking gorgeous over a dark emerald smoky eye.

La Splash Glitter Splash Mini Review
As mentioned I purchased these from which has a huge selection of different colours. I really like the colours for the ones that I do have, although some probably wont be very practical... but when are glitters really, anyway!? I would like to try Starlight Red on top of a red lipstick for a glamorous look! They are also for the face & body if you wish.

Packaging: The plastic jar has a twist top lid and a wide opening so you can easily access the glitter with your fingers or a brush, and has 3grams of product in it. You can see how full the jar is in the swatch pictures. The lid is clear so you can easily see what colour you are using without having to look on the sticker at the bottom.
Colours: Click here to see a whole range of colours, there are also ones that come in star or heart shapes that seem to be more confetti-like. But I really like the colours I have so I want to try more. Some have different coloured specks for more dimension.
Texture: These glitters are fairly finely milled so it's not too chunky on the eyes which causes a bit of fall out onto the cheeks which is practically unavoidable.
Pigmentation & longevity: They are not highly pigmented on their own without having a sticky base mainly because the glitter goes everywhere, & if you don't have a coloured base down first you would be able to see skin, so that will help them appear more pigmented. You can see this in the swatches. When using them correctly I find they last all day because of the adherence, otherwise they would wear off during the day.
Cost: $5.99 from Cherry Culture, but prices vary depending on where you buy it from.
they are currently on special for $4.49 and have been for a bit so get in now while you can save a bit!
How to Apply
 After I have finished applying my eyeshadow, I dab Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy (the tiniest amount to prevent creasing) on with my finger into the area I want it placed and then using the same finger which is still tacky, I go into the glitter (tapping onto lid to prevent fallout) and then dab on top of the base. You can find different bases with other brands and I'm pretty use La Splash has one, or you could even use false eyelash glue. To deal with fall-out on the cheeks I use a piece of sticky tape to pick it up or you can brush it off but the glitter sometimes likes to stick where it's not wanted.

Comparison with Nyx Glitter Mania
For the colours I have that were the closest to my Nyx glitters, they matched very well. Both were applied on top of the sticky base but you can see La Splash are more pigmented. I bought Miami Beach because I thought it was slightly different to Nyx in having white reflects but they are both almost the same, and I thought Gold Treasure was going to be more champagne but it isn't.
Nyx glitters come in a jar with 5grams although it doesn't seem like it has more than La Splash which has 3grams, but at least their jars have a wider opening so you are actually able to get it out with ease. To use the Nyx glitters I have to cover my finger over the top & tip it upside down to get any product out which is messier because I can't tap it back into the lid without it going everywhere.
Also Nyx only has I think 10 glitters to choose from but La Splash has many more.

Top: La Splash [Miami Beach, Gold Treasure], Bottom: Nyx [Hot Pink, Gold]

Overall I definitely really like La Splash's Glitter Splash with their huge colour range and everything else about them, I would recommend them if you like to experiment with glitter! I hope this review is helpful to someone, thank you for reading. xx


  1. I have some LA splash pigments but everyone raves about their glitters so I will have to check them out soon :) thanks for the lovely heads up! I do need a nice adhesive though, so i'm probably going to purchase some Too Faced Glitter Glue at some point.

    1. No problem hun! Yeah there are plenty of options out there :) x

  2. Oh these glitters look lovely. I'm never game enough to wear glitter, but hopefully one day I will! :D x

    1. I think glitter can be used very subtly if done right, I hope you will be too! x

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  4. Really gorgeous colors.
    On a side note, when I open your site my Antivirus says threat detected (from your traffic counter I think) :(

    1. Ahh ok, thanks for letting me know, I removed the traffic counter so I hope it's better!

  5. You pull of glitter looks so well! Do you use a glitter base from La Splash or someone else?

    1. Thanks girlie! Nope, I use Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy which is a good sticky base that adheres the glitter really well, plus it has lasted me forever, so far! x

  6. These glitters look gorgeous, I love the gold glitters best :) The La Splash glitters do look much better than the NYX ones though!


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