Monday, March 11, 2013 // Clothing Haul

A little while ago I ordered for the first time from as they had a sale with clothing & accessories up to 75%. I see their ad on TV & in magazines all the time so I thought I would give it a go. I have only really just started ordering clothes online because they are something I'd prefer to try on first because sometimes when something looks good on the hanger it doesn't look as nice or is as flattering as what I thought, and my sizing can be iffy.

I thought they were Australian, but as far as I know they are in the UK but they also have an Australian website, with free shipping to Australia. Most of their clothing is reasonably priced and you can always find items on special.

 Wet look Aztec print skater skirt
 I don't have anything like this, and I absolutely love the print on it. I'm not really sure what type of top to wear with this as I usually have to copy other styles to put an outfit together, what would you wear it with? I've seen lots of looks with this skirt with a sweater, which would be appropriate for autumn.
Heather wet look skirt

 I bought this because it was only $6 and I wouldn't mind if I didn't like it because of that. But when I first saw it, it looked no longer than a waistband! Luckily it is quite stretchy and I didn't find it riding up like I thought it would. It has an exposed zipper out the front that goes all the way down. I'm glad it was at the front otherwise anyone could sneak from behind and pull it down, what a disaster it would be! The waistband is elastic and folds over so it looks funny laid out but it doesn't when it's on.

Carol Jewel + Rose Peplum Top
I can't get enough of peplum styled tops & dresses because they are so flattering and will always hide the bloat! The print on this is stunning and it is so light & perfect for balmy summer nights. It has cap sleeves and a high neckline with an exposed zipper at the back that goes 3/4 down until the peplum separates so it opens completely. The only downside is zipping it up by yourself which is almost impossible but I did manage it after struggling, and because it is tight around the waist you can't pull it up already zipped.
The peplum top & wet look skirt together,
 Alice Georgette Leopard Collar Blouse
This is a sheer tie up back top with a leopard print peter pan-style collar. It has a sort of bubble style elastic bottom on it. I wore it with a black bra here but would wear it with a cami when wearing out. What styled bottoms would you wear it with?

sorry for the dirty mirror!

Kelly Cut Out Tropical Print Skater Dress
I love the contrast of the bright colours against the black and the skater style with side cutouts in this dress. Unfortunately it is a little bit too big for me at the neckline & the straps so it hangs down a bit showing my bra from the top & the sides, but hopefully I can get someone who's nifty with the sewing machine to fix it. I took a pic of the back of it on it's own, stupidly ha.

I also ordered another dress but as I ordered when the sale was almost over so there didn't end up being any in my size in the end but I got refunded... and there were also some other cute tops but they had sold out in my size, waah!

The total of this order came to $100 which is really good for 5 items. I like how the website is set out, it is easy to select which type of clothing/ style/ colours you are looking for and I was so happy with how quick the shipping was. At the moment they also have a clearance on for winter coats at the moment.

What are your fave online stores to buy clothes?



  1. you got great buys love! every piece looks good on you! ^_^

  2. I really Boohoo :) I am wearing a top I got from them today! My favourite is Urban Outfitters :)

  3. Great finds :) Love the peplum top x

  4. excellent find! love the dress Stop by!

  5. Wow very nice pieces and you look great in them! I love ordering ANYTHING online, I'm really addicted and I hate crowded shops anyway :D

  6. The flower dress is pure perfection! <33 Love it!!


  7. Hi just found your blog! I love your flower dress, so perfect for spring and summer coming up! I always feel so stuck for choice when ordering online, too many lovely clothing items haha. Great post!

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? :) If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

  8. i love those clothes! the first skirt i probably would pair it with some cute animal print top such as leopard and tuck them in if it's too long.

    And on Alice Georgette Leopard Collar Blouse , i would go with red or white skinny jeans or leather pants.

    And i really love the dress, it looks so flattering on you :)

    1. Great suggestions hun, I like the idea of leather pants with the leopard collar blouse. x

  9. Really lovely haul.


  10. very nice haul!
    Wanna follow each other on GFC?

    have blessed day!

  11. Love the skater skirt on you! I rarely buy clothes online because as you say, it can be hard to determine how it would look on you when worn and sizing is a pain. Sometimes it's good to take a gamble though, especially when the items themselves aren't too expensive :)

  12. I love boohoo clothing xx

    ide love if you checked my blog! xx

  13. Floral dress + skater skirt = holy guacamole, that is some good stuff right there! You definitely look very gorgeous in these clothes! I'd grab the skirt too, and maybe pair it with a striped top (black and white? skinny stripes perhaps) but I could be totally off. I just really like it hehe :D I really should buy more stuff online!

    if you're interested, my MAC lippie giveaway is now open! Thanks for reading my blog from the near-beginning lol! your comments and feedback have meant a lot to me, so thanks for taking the time to read my stuff :) x

    1. Thank you for all of your suggestions, hun! I like the sound of the striped top with the skirt, maybe kind of baggy and sweater-looking?

      ooh of course I'd be interested, thanks hun! I have been honoured to read your blog & I am so grateful that you have done the same <3

  14. Great post ! Would you like to follow each other?

  15. I always thought about doing an order on boohoo, but i always
    find that online shops for Australia are just as over priced as
    all stores in Australia are.
    Great Blog Much Love

    1. Yeah that is true, but I live in a remote town so I have to buy clothes online to keep up, otherwise it's a huge spend up every once in a while when I go to the city! x

  16. You have wonderful taste in clothes! My favorite is the printed cut-out dress, DEFINITELY something I would wear if I had the body for it! And the black skirt too is just... Deliciousssss lol

    1. Haha, thanks girl!! I don't have too much of a style, although I am trying to pick out nicer pieces and trying to make more interesting outfits :) x

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