Monday, November 14, 2011

My Foundation Routine (Pic Heavy)

So although my foundation routine has changed plenty of times over the years I am quite pleased with how I do it now, but I hope that I continue to improve it :)
So I think the title explains it all, lets get to it ;). Product list/ pictures are at the end

 Apply your primer! Beware the naked skin. You will see that I have blemishes to cover up, you can't really see the extent of the scarring though.

 Before anything else you will have to use your colour correctors first (green skin is not a good look haha) I only apply the green concealer if I feel like I need it.
 I blend out the yellow concealer with the foundation end of the Essence of Beauty brush. I find this is fluffier than other foundation brushes so I like it for this job.
Then with the concealer end I apply my concealer. In the same order that I applied it in each spot (nose, chin, cheeks, forehead) I blend it out with the brush again. You want to mainly blend the edges. Only apply a little bit of concealer at a time, you can always build it up if you need to, this prevents it from turning cakey.

Just showing ya after its blended out. This concealer is not a perfect match with my foundation so I don't want to apply it after. Damn I can see some spots I should have blended more, oh well.

 Now, Its foundation time. I like to apply a few dots to each spot on the head. I use 2 different foundations, a main one & one I'm trying to get rid of ha ha. I have also applied a highlighter to my cheek bones.
 I like the use the E.L.F flat top powder brush to stipple my foundation in. I usually start from the middle  & out but here I started from the chin. Once it is blended into the skin you can apply more foundation where needed.
Once that is done I dot a lighter concealer underneath my eyes, & a different concealer which matches my foundation on any spots that you can still see.

Once I have blended that out I use the larger end of the eyeshadow Essence of Beauty brush to apply powder to any spots that I concealed to set them.
I then use a fan brush to apply the rest of the powder to my face, mainly concentrating it on the T-Zone, a teensy bit under the eyes, & barely any over the cheeks. If you are oilier you may want to actually press the powder into the skin with another means, but since I am dry I only want to lightly set the foundation. 

 Here's me with nothing else done,
And after all the finishing touches!!! *more pictures of this FOTD to come*
 I love this base as it is also moisturizing at the same time. I took it on the plane as a moisturizer/ primer for when it was time to do my makeup haha. You can buy it online here
 The colour correctors I used.
 Inglot concealers I applied before the foundation. I used the one in the middle which is a tad too yellow for me.
 PR is my main foundation, I am trying to use up the Australis one, it is a tiny bit darker but find they blend nicely together.
 The one in the pot is by Studio Direct Cosmetics which I bought on ebay, Its a bit light so I like that for under my eyes, & the physicians formula one is a good match for my foundation.
 I love this loose powder! Although its for oily skin it doesn't dry me out.
Brushes: L-R Essence of Beauty Conealer & Foundation brush (cut off the end of it in the pic oops) E.L.F flat top powder brush, Random fan brush, Essence of Beauty Eyeshadow brush (as mentioned I use the top or Blending end)

Thank you for looking, I hope it is useful to someone!



  1. It looks great! Your foundation looks so natural! Love it!

  2. thanks babe, that's just the way i like it :D

  3. Your skin looks so flawless and natural, thanks for sharing this, how long does it take you?I am always in a hurry so I think a routine that is quick!

  4. thank you hun, usually it takes about 10 minutes, but I could probably do it in 5 if I rush with the blending... which is what I normally do anyway. haha :)

  5. With or without makeup, you look beautiful :) xx

  6. i think you look great even without make up! :)

  7. aww, thank you girls, like i said my scars are pretty bad & when i wash my face in the morning it goes pretty red (however lately I have only been splashing with water which helps) so the foundation def helps me to feel more comfortable, but I don't feel bad when I leave the house w/o make up :)


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