Monday, November 21, 2011

New hair + Ice Queen FOTD

My hair was in desperate need of a colour, I liked the colour that I had before but I've had red in my hair for so long that I wanted to go more violet-y. & it still has some red in it so I like that :D
These pics were taken the day after so I made sure that I slept on my hair nicely haha. & to go with my new hair I wanted to do a more "special" look so yet again I tried a cut crease look (again haha) which I thought I had better try to name.

Nyx Cream Cheese JEP
88 Warm Palette
- Blue circle lid
- Orange crease
- Purple Crease/ Outer V
- Green eyeliner
Black Bean JEP as a base for the e/l

ELF Peachy keen

Nyx Summer Love [?]

& a bonus picture of our beautiful cat Mishka since I don't think I've posted one since she was a baby, when she was grey with black tips. She lost all her grey & turned orange/brown & black but is getting more greys again, hehe. This is how she likes to sleep =)

I was going to post a few looks into this one, but decided I liked too many pictures for that. bahaha
as always thanks for looking <3


  1. I love this eye look on you, really suits you, and so does your hair colour.

  2. I think the makeup is beautiful! But I stinkin love your hair color! Do you know what color it is?? I think this would be a great color for my sister! And your kitty is adorable! I just wanna rub her belly haha

  3. thank you lovelies :)
    thanks so much babe :D
    Since i got it done at the hairdressers I duno any dupes, but if it helps, it is a violet-reddy colour, & I think they just put a clear on my ends. She can always take a picture of it if she needs to :) & I think it has a red reflect in it.. if that makes any sense :)
    hehe, I love smooching her belly :D

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