Monday, May 16, 2011

Nyx Lip Product Swatches!

I am still building my lipstick collection (which is the biggest part of my makeup collec haha) which is mainly thanks to Nyx for their affordable & huge lipstick range! So I only have 12 lipsticks, 6 lip liners & 3 lip glosses but I am getting there, I promise!
I find the best place to purchase these on the web is through Joy's Cosmetics store on ebay- click here- where you can get a bunch of items say 3 l/s for about $7 and I have ordered from her so much &have had no problems at all!
Anyway- onto the swatches =] Pic Heavy so apologies in advance! Also, click the pics to view them larger!

Left To Right- Harmonica, Strawberry Milk, Narcissus, Tea Rose, Margarita, Chloe
Harmonica- Frosty, hard to apply from the tube without it being streaky.
Strawberry Milk- Matte light pink, opaque compared to harmonica.
Narcissus- Matte bubble gum pink
Tea Rose- Matte muted pink, great for everyday
Margarita- gorgeous shimmery coral colour. I love this over pinky L/L
Chloe-  umm not matte but not shimmery, fuchsia that pulls more purple. Had to capture in flash pics!

 Left To Right- Iris, Summer Love, Pumpkin Pie, Fig, Spell Bound, Eros

Iris- Frosty, pretty much the same texture as Harmonica. Not so sure about this colour on me yet.

Summer Love- Not quite matte or shimmery nude. 1st pic looks a little too yucky on me but I like it in natural light/ full face (so if you're only ever going to look at my lips up close with a light then don't :P)
Pumpkin Pie- More orangey then summer love, & same texture/ finish
Fig- Matte Light Pink, soo pretty! However I didn't apply it too prettily here though :p

Spell Bound- One of my faves! Gorgeous Matte Hot Pink. It was hard for me to choose between this & Louisiana.
Eros- Vibrant Matte Red, gorgeous! Probably the only way I like to wear it in public though is blotted out.

 *phew* that was a lot! Now- Lip Liners.
 Left To Right- Rose, Dolly Pink, Pinky, Mauve, Bloom, Prune
My Faves have to be Rose & Pinky,

 Rose- Gorgeous light pink colour, I got this because I thought it would match a lot of pink l/s
Dolly Pink- I love this colour too but the texture is harder to work with. Makes bright pink l/s look cooler- as opposed to warmer haha.
Pinky- Gorgeous bright pink! Works great with Spell Bound. I love it underneath Margarita too.
Mauve- It is a tad too dark as a MLBB colour however I like to use it to outline my lips with nude lip liner- blended in well.
Bloom- Similar to Pinky but pulls more burgundy, gorgeous under colours like Chloe.
 Prune-A dark ummm prune colour lol, I don't think I will have much use for this (I lie- I do have some pruney l/s that would match this) But I would probably use this for a gradient look.

So thats it of the l/l for now,Next on my list is definitely tangerine! I got bloom & prune as a gift from Joy's Cosmetics & probably wouldn't have bought them anyway but I would totally buy Bloom again if I need to.

Lastly- Mega Shine Lip Glosses. As I mentioned I only have a small collection (Working on it!)

Left To Right- Sugar Pie, Smokey Look, Lala
Sugar Pie looks good with a darker smokey eye, well same as Smokey Look & Lala is just a gorgeous bright pink lip gloss! I love these because they are not very sticky (I still have the hair in lipgloss problem though -.- but my hair gets in the way all the time) & I really like the smell! Kinda sweet, reminds me of some kind of lolly but I have no idea which.

Anyhoo I hope this is helpful! Well I hope so coz it took ages to do :p lol. Thanks for looking!
Do you have any fave Nyx Lip Products & which? (based on pics, and/or your own experiences)


  1. I love these lipsticks by NYX, they are my favorites ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  2. wow! i love the swatches. great post!! :)

  3. I love Eros and Margarita... gorgeous! I think CoverGirl Lip Perfection has a color called Spellbound... that actually looks similar? How weird.

  4. Those mattes look really silky, not dry at all...I wanna try these! I really like the fig and spellbound. Great swatches and I loved seeing your collection!

  5. thanks girls no prob!

    @cydonian Yeah i noticed that lol but this spellbound does tend to look a lot more 'hotter' when I apply more

    @makeup by danisaddiction thanks hun yeah they are super creamy IDK if I should have described them as matte but they don't have any shimmer, just extremely creamy & they go on like a dream!

  6. I love looking at swatches :) Thank you for this :)

  7. I've never tried the NYX round lipsticks but they looks so pretty!

  8. Thanks for the amazing swatches!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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