Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Herstyler 1" Titanium Hair Straightener

This was from a sale on Ozsale where I saved $200! I was wanting to buy a straightener to take traveling anyway, and when I saw I could get one, particularly the Herstyler Titanium hair straightener, for $50 I thought I may as well give it a go. I've only ever owned a Remington straightener before, and I've used GHD's quite a few times thanks to working in a salon. When I saw that it looked comparable to a GHD where I could easily curl as well as straighten, I didn't have much to lose.

It came in a gorgeous box with a magnetic lid, perfect for safe storage. There were a range of colours to choose from so of course I chose hot pink, although I have to admit it makes it look a lot cheaper then what it would do if it were black, and it had a couple of black marks on it from the packaging.

This straightener has 1 inch plates & rounded edges, perfect for the average sized curl. The actual plates are made from titanium which is more gentler on the hair & means it will help control frizz by producing negative irons, it is also designed to glide through the hair without pulling on it. My hair doesn't go too frizzy but usually if I tried to curl with a straightener I could never get it too smooth, which I have no problems with this, even for straightening my hair.
 I'm not an expert at curling my hair with a straightening iron, but I have had a few tries with GHD irons before and a couple of goes with this, but so far I'd have to say it feels like the GHD glides through easier & creates a rounder curl, however they both have very similar curved edges. When/ If I curl my hair, I only do bits & pieces as that takes forever but I like the messy wavy look it gives!

This heats in around 30 seconds to 440 Fahrenheit (220 Celsius) which is extremely hot so make sure to apply heat protector products beforehand to avoid damage.

I also bought a stand to hold it in while using but it still gets really hot while the iron is in it, better then burning your counter!
I thought when I ordered it that Ozsale stated it was actually tourmaline, which I've found out has the same benefits as titanic plates, but I also thought it had a variable heat control as the manual mentions, but it only has an on/off switch, so that was a little bit disappointing, but in the end GHD's don't have that feature anyway & it's not a necessity, but if I had finer hair I wouldn't want it that hot!

Honestly when I need to buy a new straightener, I would probably go with GHD's especially if I want to feel "luxurious" while doing my hair. So I wouldn't pay full price for the Herstyler Titanium but it is a good buy if you see it on sale. I've had a look on the website, and I don't think it comes in other colours,so it must have been a special deal that Ozsale were doing.
It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but messy curls achieved with this straightener from this post.

This is $250 through Herstyler's website which is actually slightly cheaper than GHD. You can also buy the holder for $35 but once again mine was on special so I got it for $11 which I probably wouldn't pay more than that!

What is your favourite straightening iron?

Not a sponsored review, product was bought with my own money & this review is 100% my honest opinion.


  1. wow, that's such a cute straightener and i love how it's pink!! so cool =D it does the job well and your curls look amazing hun :) GHD is a great flat iron yes, but apparently KQC flat iron works so much better and cheaper price, it's just really hard to get our hands on it for people outside the US. They even have those flat irons with diamonds infused in them, sadly they're only available in the US too :(

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  2. It looks great! I love how it comes with a stand the way you wont damage your furniture

  3. Did you change up your hair colour a little? It looks beautiful :) I need one of those stands, I always leave my straightener on the floor when it's hot!

  4. F*ck, you're pretty! ahem... The straighteners look very good quality from the pictures, I love the.. thing you can put it on while it's hot, I wish my curling wand had something like that! And what a bargain, that's very lucky you got it discounted! I just started following your blog, looking forward to new posts! xx


  5. Your hair looks gorgeous nevertheless! Lucky you managed to grab this straightener with a good deal, the holder is a really handy idea :) The hair straightener I have is Halo, which the people at Hairhouse Warehouse said was better quality than GHDs (which I initially was going to buy) and I love it! It glides so nicely and has a variable temperature control as well as heating up really fast :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this post ,,i am using this Hair Straightener from last few months i never face any kind of problem

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